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Lit Joss Sticks Burn Hole In Punggol Man’s Wallet


You may have had a lousy day at work but at least you didn’t rush out of the house to see your car on fire.

That was what happened to one unlucky Singaporean man when he went out to investigate a loud bang he heard. The bang was the sound of part of his bumper disintegrating.

The SCDF had to be called down to the scene.

Feez, who lives in Punggol and works at Airasia, does not own the car. It was a rental car to supplement his income doing delivery work after Airasia cut his hours. His total damage comes up to $4000, half of which will be bourne by the car rental company’s insurance. The other half will likely have to come out of his pocket.

According to Feez’s father, he did not see the joss stickers there, or he would not have parked there to begin with.

This incident comes on the heel of another fire in Punggol, which occurred around National Day.

A lorry could be seen burning up with thick black smoke going up ten stories high in a blurry video that went viral online.

No other information was available at this time of writing.


In another fire-related incident in Punggo, 100 people were evacuated from Block 167C a month ago after a mysterious fire broke out on the 8th floor. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

But perhaps the most infamous fire in Punggol of all happened all the back in 2016, when 5 youths set large swathes of a park in Punggol ablaze late at night.

An SCDF spokesman described the fire as being “the size of two basketball courts”.

The fire was only put out after the use of 2 fire engines, 2 red rhinos and 3 water jets. A team of 20 firemen were deployed in the operation.

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