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#LocalBrandSPOTLight: Addictive Homemade Halal Wantons From Wantonsboy!

Source: @wantonsboy

Need a light snack or something to add to your soups or noodles? Wantonsboy has got your back with their addictive homemade wantons! On top of that, fall in love with the stories that their Instagram account always share.

The wantons come in original, spicy and super spicy. It is perfect for spice lovers to add to any dish. For those who can’t take too much spice, Wantonsboy’s original flavour still gives you that crunchy yet juicy satisfaction and it is also kid-friendly.

These homemade wantons are a product of a passed down generational recipe and an interracial marriage that gave these wantons its spicy twist. The Wantonsboy business journey has not been easy but it is definitely inspiring.

We interviewed Nana, the owner and creator of Wantonsboy, about her journey since she started Wantonsboy.

Source: @wantonsboy
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Nana. This year, I’m 27 years old. Still 27 years old. Currently, I am a home-based seller selling my comfort food (wantons) on Instagram, @Wantonsboy. We deliver freshly fried wantons or you can order frozen ones that you can store in your freezer.


What made you start Wantonsboy?

We started Wantonsboy sometime during the circuit breaker to cope with the pay cut. It was also to help friends and family who have been affected by providing them a delivery job with Wantonsboy. We actually started right before they announced that home-based businesses have to stop during the Circuit Breaker so we had to go on a short break immediately after we started.


How did the name Wantonsboy come about?

We wanted a name that defines our niche yet has a personal feel that people can relate to. Also, Wantonsboy is famous for our spicy prawn wantons which are created by the husband. That is how Wantons + boy was created.


Source: @wantonsboy
How long does the process of preparing and making the wantons take?

We usually do 1000 wantons per preorder and it takes about 2 days to finish. Just peeling, cleaning, and deveining the prawns takes 2-3 hours. Typically, it is an 8-10 hours job from start to finish a day.


How are your wantons different from the wantons found in the supermarket?

Our wantons are made to order, usually done 1-2 days before delivery. We personally go to the market to buy our ingredients. Hence, everyone can be assured of its freshness compared to supermarket bought. Our frozen wantons have a shelf life of up to 1 month. Our wantons are generously filled, crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. The best way to test the difference is by tasting our wantons!

Source: @wantonsboy
I understand that the Wantonboy recipe is a super-secret. Where did you get the recipe from?

This recipe was a gift from my grandmother when I got married to cope with the feeling of missing home. I grew up in a Chinese Muslim family where our daily meals are more halal Chinese-styled food – bland yet flavourful and simple. When I got married to my husband and moved in with my in-laws, I couldn’t adapt to their cooking style and meals, so I started making my own comfort food (wantons) from time to time.


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How did your grandmother react to you using her recipe to start your business?

My grandmother was not very supportive when we first started due to the fact that she knew how tedious the process and cost is. Our wantons are vastly different from the usual wantons found outside especially because we use premium ingredients. Its cost price is possibly three times more than the average minced meat wantons. The cost is almost as much as what we are selling it for if we buy all the ingredients from the supermarket instead of the wet market. Now, my grandmother has resorted to buying from us every month now.

Source: @wantonsboy
Since the start of your business, you have started doing collaborations with other home-based businesses. What made you start doing collaborations with others?

We started doing collaborations unintentionally. We thought since wantons are usually considered snacks, it would pair well with mains or desserts. And the results have proven successful, the audiences love the pairings and surprises. This way is a win-win for everyone, it helps sellers taps on a wider audience and provides variety and saving on delivery charges for the buyers.


What is the most valuable lesson you learned since starting Wantonsboy?

The most valuable lesson we have learned since starting Wantonsboy is to stay true without losing yourself. Home-based business life can be very lonely and sometimes a little success or downfall can hit you hard. Always remember why you do what you do and do what you need to do so you can continue to do what you want to do.


What do you hope to see in the future for Wantonsboy?

In the near future, we hope to be able to increase our preorder capacity to satisfy the demand and possibly participate in events when the Covid-19 situation clears up. So, we will see you when we see you!


If you want to get your hands on these wantons, you have to be quick when you order! The pre-orders for these highly addictive wantons are filled out quickly every week! Make sure you follow them on Instagram to know when they are launching their next pre-order.