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#LocalBrandSPOTLight: Bear Necessities


Since it blew up during the Circuit Breaker of 2020, TikTok has become a big name in the world of short, 30-second long entertainment. Apart from the run-of-the-mill dance videos and trendy soundbites, TikTok is also home to another realm of crafts: epoxy resin art.

A simple search of the aforementioned keywords brings up tons of short videos featuring delicately-made resin pieces that are painstakingly poured, decorated and designed. These crafts range from the tiniest glass-like keychains to large paperweights, all handmade with perseverance and a whole lot of creativity.

Today we chat with Kacie, an aspiring business owner curating her line of dainty resin crafts. Aptly named Bear Necessities (bare necessities), it’s a resin lovers one-stop-shop for beautiful custom pieces perfect for any special occasion!


About Bear Necessities

Launching on the 1st of April, Bear Necessities is Kacie’s pride and joy. After picking up resin pouring from TikTok, she set out on her humble business venture with nothing but her passion for customisable art. As she worked on a custom keychain for a friend, we got to speak with her at her small workstation littered with racks of dye, glitter, and other knick-knacks.

Image: Kacie’s workstation | Credit: Natalie Ling

According to Kacie, the name Bear Necessities came about because she wanted to sell items that people would need and want to keep forever. Her products include bookmarks, keychains, miniature charms and even notebook covers!

Image: Some examples of the items sold at Bear Necessities | Credit: Natalie Ling


Challenges Of Starting A Small Business

According to Kacie, her first hurdle came at the budgeting stage. “The money that goes into getting all the necessary equipment and materials is quite a large investment for a small business.” While speaking, she gestured toward her array of glitters, dried flowers, silicon moulds and liquid resin. Resin, decorations and equipment are not cheap, and without proper budgeting, can burn a large hole in the businesses’ finances.

Image: Keychains | Credit: Natalie Ling

Apart from painstakingly purchasing her materials, Kacie also added that trying to curate something creative and original posed a large challenge. “You want to stand out from existing small businesses that do similar things that you do, so having to think of original designs that people will enjoy is difficult.” To combat this, Kacie designs each resin piece by hand, so every product is unique and has its own flair.

Image: Bookmarks | Credit: Natalie Ling

As for the actual pouring of the resin, Kacie stated that it was a ‘straightforward process’ that she managed to get the hang of fairly quickly. “Resin is a very straightforward process because there are only a handful of materials required. But the challenge comes in the form of ensuring my measurements are accurate because the resin is extremely sensitive.” Any error during the measuring and pouring phase could result in a sticky, gluey, half-dried disaster that is fit only for the bin – yikes.

Image: Customised Notebook Cover | Credit: Natalie Ling

Despite the obstacles faced, Kacie still stands by her sentiment that aspiring business owners should not be afraid to try their hand at a passion project. For resin crafts, not much experience is required before kick-starting a venture, and with the popularity of such products, it is a promising market!

Image: Ashtray | Credit: Natalie Ling


Setting Up For Launch Day

Like any small business, the days leading up to the official launch can be daunting, stressful but exceedingly invigorating. For Bear Necessities, it was no different. “The whole preparation process was very exciting since it is something I had never done before. So the whole gathering of materials, conceptualization, and the process of essentially turning this art hobby of mine into a business was very different.”

Image: Kacie picking out charms for a custom piece. | Credit: Natalie Ling

Also, in her short time gearing up for the first of many orders, Kacie expressed that it has been an ‘eye-opening experience’ to be involved with all business decisions. She also added that it was a ‘tiring but fulfilling process’. For Kacie, being able to see her brand come together was truly the icing on the cake after months of hard work.

Image: Kacie blending the colours in the wet resin. | Credit: Natalie Ling

When we asked about her fears, Kacie said that she does indeed worry about Bear Necessities failing. “The thought of failure is indeed quite scary, but overall the excitement of it all just outweighs the fear.”

Image: Kacie filing down a dried resin piece. | Credit: Natalie Ling



To other aspiring small business owners, Kacie had this to add: “Keep your expectations low but focus on the process and you’ll find the entire process more rewarding.” While starting a local business amidst Singapore’s recovering economy may seem difficult or challenging, it can be a fulfilling, promising and rewarding journey.

So if you’re on the hunt for delicate, unique and customisable resin pieces for that special someone, head over to Bear Necessities on the 1st of April! For customised orders, drop Kacie a direct message or select from a plethora of ready-made pieces available for sale on the Bear Necessities Instagram page. Orders typically take up to 2 weeks to complete, and shipping is done within a week! What are you waiting for, cop yourself some pieces now!