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#LocalBrandSPOTLight: Enakaddicts

Credit: @enakaddicts

One of Singapore’s most famous bakeries, Bengawan Solo, was founded by an Indonesian immigrant named Anastasia Liew. Today, they remain your best bet for quickly and easily accessible kueh salats and kueh lapis. But what happens if you want an ontbitjikeok or a risole? That’s when you head straight for Enakaddicts!

Pineapple tarts | Credit: @enakaddicts

Baked in Singapore with ingredients from Indonesia, Enakaddicts comprises of a family of four. All of them are involved in the baking, especially Mum, who is from Indonesia herself!

Today, I talk to Clarissa, one of her daughters who grew up in a house where something was always baking in the oven.

Hello Clarissa. Thanks for taking time out to do this! First of all, can you tell our readers a little about Enakaddicts?

We’re a family-run online baking business that specialises in Indonesian cakes, pastries and savoury snacks. Enak means delicious in Bahasa Indonesian, and addicts refers to our lovely customers who kept coming back for more!

Credit: @enakaddicts

Every Chinese New Year season, we’d be inundated with requests from relatives for our home-baked goods. So, setting up Enakaddicts was the logical next step since we also hope to share the love for Indonesian bakes with the rest of Singapore.

Can you tell us your first memory of watching Mum bake in the kitchen?

My Grandma was always in the kitchen and my Mum with her. Grandma would bake Indonesian cakes and pineapple tarts. I would also be roped in to help. I remember how the whole house would smell delicious. Now whenever I smell Indonesian cakes, I feel like that kid again, standing in the hot kitchen with my Grandma and Mum. Things were so much simpler back then!

What was the first Indonesian baked goodie you mastered?
Credit: @enakaddicts

That would be the Lapis Surabaya, a double layered cake. Soft, fragrant but not too overpowering when it comes to taste. The centre is either filled with liquid chocolate or jam. It makes a great snack for anyone because it’s sweet but not so sweet that someone who isn’t into candies cannot take it.

What’s always baking at EnakAddicts?

We bake everything from Cakes to Kueh Bangkits to Rumballs. We would find ourselves baking Rumballs and Lapis Surabaya often, along with pineapple tarts especially so during the CNY period!

Some other items on our menu: soes maker, kroket and kueh bangkit in 3 different flavours! That’ll be cheese, mocha and original.

What is your favourite item from your own menu?
Credit: @enakaddicts

My favourite item would be the Risoles, which is a deep fried savoury pastry filled with carrots, chicken chunks and potatoes, complemented with our homemade sweet sauce! You definitely do NOT want to give this Enak pastry a miss!

Is your Mum EnakAddicts’ quality controller?

We are all Enakaddicts’ quality controllers, so more pairs of eyes to make sure that your Enak orders will reach you in the best conditions (:

Tell us some snacks that are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

For those with a sweet tooth, we have Chocolate Rumballs which are highly sought after! There are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions, so rest assured that everyone will be able to enjoy one!

Credit: @enakaddicts

We also try to bake our bakes with the least amount of sugar possible for health reasons. You don’t need an overwhelming amount of sugar for your food to pack a punch!

How about those that like it savoury?

Wow they’re in luck! We have delectable savoury snacks like Risoles (my personal favourite), Kroket, Pastel Tutup (Indonesian Shepherd’s Pie) and Kastengel, which are cheese sticks for our cheese lovers!

The inside of Pastel Tutp (Indonesia n Shepherds’Pie)| Credit: @enakaddicts

A note for those who are curious about the difference between Krokets and Risoles. The outer layer of a Risole is like that of a spring roll whereas that of Kroket is just potato. However, both are coated with breadcrumbs before frying for maximum crunchiness!

How much of your time off-work do you dedicate to enakaddicts?

All of us at Enakaddicts love baking and we love sharing them with you! We always try to fit in as much time as we can for our customers.

Tell our readers something you learnt as a home-based business.

We began our home business around the time COVID-19 struck, when everybody was spending much more time at home. Ironically, this helped us to spend more quality time together and appreciate each other better.

Since this is a family business, we have to rely on ourselves, from marketing to baking to purchasing and delivery. What this means is that everyone in our family plays an irreplaceable role. We learnt that each individual is an essential and there is nothing more valuable than precious family time.

Credit: @enakaddicts
How To Order

You can send Enakaddicts a message on Instagram or Facebook, if you prefer.

You may do self-collection at Enakaddicts HQ or if you hit a minimum of $20 spent, you can choose to collect it at Serangoon MRT. Want Enakaddicts delivered to the nearest MRT station to your home? You’ll have to spend at least $100. Top up to $150 for delivery straight to your doorstep.

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Do note that you should give Enakaddicts 3 days in advance to bake your desired baked goods!

That’s all for this week’s #LocalBrandSPOTLight!

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