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#LocalBrandSPOTLight: Fortuna Tarot Reading x The Oracle Journey

Credit: Fortuna Tarot Reading, The Oracle Journey

When you picture witches, what is it that you see in your head? What if I told you there are witches in Singapore among us?

For this this week’s #LocalBrandSPOTLight, I interview two local witches who run their own social media pages, to learn more about their craft.

They are:

Oliver Yong, The Oracle Journey
Credit: Oliver Yong

Oliver, or Ollie, to those close to him, went into Spirituality officially in 2016. He was previously with the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) as a Systems Adviser. For a time, he was also an independent Financial Advisor. He became spiritually aware as a child and began collecting card decks at the tender age of 12. He is theoraclejourney on Facebook and on Instagram.

Fortuna Tarot Reading
Credit: Fortuna

Fortuna does not reveal her real name or her appearance. She works in the beauty industry and has 25 years of experience reading Tarot decks. She discovered her role when she was 12 years old and began to identify as a witch. She has predicted her own future and foreseen her life at different stages. She is fortunatarotreading on Facebook and @fortunatarotreading on Instagram.

Question: Q

Oliver: O

Fortuna: F

You walk into your favourite hawker centre. What are you getting and what drinks?

O: I go for Western food or Chicken Rice. The Mee Siam is really nice at Ghim Moh Market, always long queue, but I do not really do spicy nowadays. I love the one and only dessert stall at the market.

F: First of all I’m not a vegetarian, I love local delights such as Nasi Lemak, Lotong, Satay, Yong Tau Foo, Hokkien Mee. For drinks, it’s either Iced Milo or Iced Lemon Tea.

Credit: Fortuna Tarot Reading

Tell me about yourself.

O: I’ve come close to death twice. Once from pneumonia and once from hypothermia. Aside from being a Systems Engineer with the DSTA and a financial advisor, I was also in sales, customer service, call center and training. I also did some content writing.

F: I’m definitely a homebody. I spend most of my time reading, doing tarot readings for clients, casting spells. But I can be quite adventurous, making the effort to the graveyard when night falls just to collect some dirt. Or hike in a forest to collect wild herbs or ingredients that I may need for my spell crafting.

Credit: The Oracle Journey

What do you call yourself primarily? Witch, Wiccan, Pagan… ?

O: A Human. I am ok if people want to label me, but I do not really like to label myself. So, you can call me anything lol.

F: Most of us here including myself in Singapore are Eclectic Witches. There are also practitioners who do not follow any specific path or those that create their own with elements from many spiritualities, religions and beliefs.

But there are a few witches in Singapore that are Wiccan and follow the old religion.

How did you become a witch? Can anybody become a witch?

O: A lot of it is very bloodline or lineage driven. It is within you. You can uncover it. You do not really become a witch per se.

F: I did not become a witch, it’s more of I am born with it. Is a calling from the universe, letting my guardian spirits lead me towards my spiritual path. Yes, you can be a witch too. You can do some research online, buy books to study. Start up by setting up a simple altar, and if you are lucky enough, you could find a elder for guidance. Baby witches, please don’t be too adventurous – I warn you ah!

Credit: Fortuna Tarot Reading

Do you make spells? Tell me about your favourite spells.

O: I do spells. It’s very event driven and depends on what items I have at hand that I can grab my hands on. I love protection spells and things to do with intuition, psychic abilities, and energies. I do have rituals for the beings I work with, by honouring them or thanking them for their blessings.

F: Yes, I do make spells. My favourite spells are for luck, prosperity and abundance.

Do you have regular clients? Without revealing anything too personal, can you tell me a little about how you are helping them?

O: I have clients, half local and half overseas. I do consultations for people, mostly card readings. I teach classes and workshops on various topics like Magick or working with Gods, Fairies, Dragons and Angels. I also create customized products for my clients and friends, depending on what they need.

Credit: The Oracle Journey

F: Yes, I have regular clients that I will customise spells accordingly to their needs. Some of my clients just need a little boost for luck, or their love life, or remove a hex. Some of them tend to attract the negative perhaps because of their karmatic cycle. They are what the Chinese would call sibeh suay.

Due to many different factors, spells are not 100% guaranteed to work. Or they can take a while to see certain results. But I’ll do my best when I’m casting spells for them.

What are your best-selling products?

O: Card readings, love spells, space cleansing spells and spells to quell office politics.

F: Anything that manifests good fortune, luck and abundance.

Credit: Fortuna Tarot Reading

What would you like to tell Singaporeans about witchcraft?

O: Witchcraft respects Life and Nature. It’s a way of life and our religious faith. We honor life itself and we don’t fly around on broomsticks and hexing people we don’t like.

F: Witchcraft is not a religion but most of us have our own faith. Witchcraft respects Life and Nature. It’s a way of life. We master our skills and knowledge by working with elements like herbs, crystal and whatever the universe has given to us. We also perform rituals for our magick.

Credit: The Oracle Journey

Witchcraft is not something to be afraid of. Witches are not all evil and Satanic. Most of us are just practicing for our own good and the good of others. The craft is sacred and should be respected.

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