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#LocalBrandSPOTLight: Meechy Munchy

Credit: Natalie Ling

Have you ever just craved something so specific that consuming nothing else would make the craving go away? It’s like your body has to have whatever you’re craving, or your family and friends are subjected to a bout of tantrums, tears and turbulence.

For many of us, this craving often consists of sugar, sugar and more sugar. I’m sure we’re all familiar with trendy, morbidly large cookies loaded with marshmallows, Oreos, chocolate bars and other straight-up sinful toppings. Well, if you’re not a fan of these loaded cookies and prefer something lighter, more snackable, but equally rich and addictive, you’re in for a treat!

Cue Meechy Munchy, a delicious cookie venture borne out of a HDB flat! This week, we speak with Haiqal, the man behind the brand that is churning out bite-sized cookies sure to satisfy those incessant midnight munchies!


About Meechy Munchy

A passion-project-turned-business, Haiqal founded Meechy Munchy alongside his two business partners, J and A*. The three met through their mutual love for cycling, and with a passion for homey baked goods, Meechy Munchy was born. Together, they run the business, doing everything from baking to packaging to budgeting and even making their delivery runs!

*Names have been omitted for privacy purposes.

Image: Haiqal | Credit: Natalie Ling

Currently, Meechy Munchy offers two variations of their delicious cookies – chocolate chip and dark chocolate chip. The cookies come to you dressed up to the nines in ooey-gooey chocolate chips, and each bite is decadent and left us coming back for more!

Image: Cookies galore! | Credit: Natalie Ling


Challenges Of Starting A Small Business

We spoke with Haiqal as he busied himself portioning a fresh batch of cookie dough for the ovens. When asked about the challenges he faced trying to start a small business of his own, he had this to say: “For us, one challenge has been maintaining (the standard of) the cookies. We want to deliver a certain standard to our customers and ensure that we not only attract new customers but retain some as well.”

Image: Haiqal shaping the cookie dough. | Credit: Natalie Ling

For Meechy Munchy, consistency is achieved through a constant feedback loop with their regular customers. Changes and improvements are made with every new batch of cookie dough, ensuring the brand stays attractive to its customer base. “If the customers say they want a more chocolatey taste, for example, then we will amend our cookies based on these reviews.”

Image: Shaping the cookie dough before baking. | Credit: Natalie Ling

Apart from cookie-making, Haiqal also faced many challenges while gearing up for launch day. One such challenge was creating the brand logo, which currently consists of an adorable (if we do say so ourselves) cookie sprinkled with chocolate chips and the words Meechy Munchy in the middle.

Image: Haiqal quality-checking the stickers. | Credit: Natalie Ling

Haiqal lamented that finding a graphic designer that fits within his tight budget seemed impossible at the initial stages. Plus, with little to no visual design experience, he found it difficult to relay his vision to the designers, resulting in many revisions, drafts, and frustration. However, after a long bout of back-and-forth and assistance from his friends, Meechy Munchy finally had a logo befitting its down-to-earth, dessert-loving founders.

Image: Meechy Munchy Logo Stickers | Credit: Natalie Ling


Setting Up For Launch Day

For Meechy Munchy, launch day came with waves of baking and hours spent bent over the counter tending to various batches of cookie dough. In addition to baking, there is much to be done to ready the cookie jars – cleaning and sanitising thoroughly before adding the final touch: the Meechy Munchy brand logo on the front. After, each jar is loaded carefully with freshly-baked cookies and shipped off to eager customers to be devoured.

Image: Haiqal pasting the Meechy Munchy logo on a jar. | Credit: Natalie Ling

Haiqal oversees the Meechy Munchy Instagram page, where he monitors enquiries and feedback from customers. Once an order is received, he relays the information to his business partners, who then get cracking on a new batch of dough. This means you’ll always get your cookies freshly baked and handmade with love!

Image: A fresh batch of cookies baking. | Credit: Natalie Ling

The Meechy Munchy team also has plans to expand to Facebook in the future, so Facebook users should keep a keen eye out for updates till then!



For Haiqal, setting up a small business is about being patient and enjoying the process. “If you are starting your own business, do not give up. For small businesses, you won’t see a profit at the start; you will only reap the benefits after quite some time.” So, if you’re a fellow aspiring business owner, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see huge profits when starting; be patient and allow your business some time to grow.

Hailing all avid snackers now! Head over to Meechy Munchy now and check out their amazingly addictive creations. Ideal for satisfying those midnight munchies or as a gift for beau for that special occasion, grab yourself a couple of jars now!

Place your orders via DM on the Meechy Munchy Instagram page. Orders are shipped within a week and are available islandwide. Shipping fees will apply accordingly. For more information, Whatsapp 9823 6554 or drop Haiqal an email at Happy munching!