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#LocalBrandSPOTLight: Check Out These Orh B. Good’s Orh-some Home-baked Brownies!

Credit: @orh_b_good

Note: for this article, it is important to note that orh in Hokkien means dark or black.

By day, this husband-and-wife team works full-time in the hospitality and finance industry, respectively. By night, they run their side hustle, or side business, together.

Their side hustle is Orh B. Good.

Together, they obsess over baking the orh-est (darkest) and tastiest brownies they can muster. Demand for their brownies have been steadily increasing ever since Orh B. Good began in October last year.

Credit: @orh_b_good

I talk to one half of the couple, CK, about their story.

Hello CK. Thank you for agreeing to the interview! I love your shop name. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hi Murph! We are a husband-and-wife team and a home-based business that sells blackout brownies. We are Food Hygiene Certified by the Singapore Food Agency. Both of us have full-time jobs. We are also full-time parents to 2 lovely kids, Natasha and Elliot. The remainder of our time is spent baking and delivering our baked goods!

Credit: CK

OK, so are these brownies or cupcakes? And how come so orh?

The B in our name, Orh B. Good, actually stands for brownies! So, to clear all doubts, it is brownies that we sell. Our customers sometimes call them cupcakes or muffins but most importantly, as long as they are good, the rest isn’t so crucial.

Our brownies are so very “orh” because we use premium black cocoa powder in our brownie mix.

How did Orh-Be-Good come about?

Orh B. Good was actually established overnight in October 2020!

My wife, Lydia, got into baking cookies initially to satiate my cravings, which typically peak when work is stressful or when life just happens.

In September, my buddies got me blackout brownies from Backyard Bakers which left me in awe. That led to Lydia experimenting with recipes for blackout brownies. The night that I tried her creations, I was in “orh” too.

Before she went to bed, I joked that we should start our own business selling these goodies. Being the corny and witty person I am – think Xiao Ming from SGAG – I suggested that we name our business ORH B. GOOD.

Credit: @orh_b_good

Firstly, she loves using that on our kids when they get in trouble. Secondly, Orh is black in Hokkien. B stands for Brownies. And as for good, our products are good. So Orh B. Good!

I stayed up the rest of the night setting up our social media account and taking photos. We woke up the next morning pleasantly surprised to see that orders had already begun coming in!

The rest, as they say, is history.


When did you start baking?

It was long ago, during our courtship days.

I was working in an award-winning F&B outlet back then, so I had to bug my culinary colleagues to teach me how to re-create the likes of Apple Tarte Tartin and Tiramisu, so that I could impress Lydia whenever she touches down from her SQ flying days.

Fast forward to present day, we’ve switched roles and it’s now Lydia’s turn to impress me!


Who makes Orh-Be-Good’s goodies?

Most of the time, both of us are equally involved. On days that I work till late, Lydia will take over the mantle fully while I’ll concentrate on getting content out on social media and sorting out the upcoming orders.


How do you come up with the recipes?

A mixture of tasting what’s in the market, trying out online recipes and tweaking them along the way. There’s always research & development, of course. The journey wasn’t easy but I’m glad we persevered.


Orh-Be-Good currently has 8 different flavours. Which were the 1st flavours to emerge?

The first few flavours were the original Fabulous 4 (Sea Salt, Oreo, Peanut Butter, Nutella).

Credit: @orh_b_good

Subsequently, we wanted the flavours on offer to be more diverse on the palate, so we introduced the next “Orh-some Foursome” (Chill-Yee, Matcha Gotcha, Over-Malty and Ya-hava M-orh-ka).

Wait, chili brownies?

Yes! One of my close friends from work once told me he had the most amazing brownies in Australia and it was a chilli brownie. So we did some experimenting with dried chilli oil and came up with something we liked. Quite amazing to be honest.

Credit: Orion Pictures, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

 Which are your best-sellers?

Our best sellers till date are Sea Salt #OBG, Nutella #OBG and at the moment, the Ya-hava M-orh-ka #OBG, which consists of a housemade mocha ganache, which is extremely popular amongst those who need their daily coffee fix!


Although orh is not a very popular colour when it comes to Chinese New Year, are you getting any pre-orders for the occasion?

Yes, we did get some! We are thankful that our brownies are very well-received by customers across various ethnic groups! Believe it or not, we received a whole bunch of enquiries in November and December, from customers eager to purchase our orh-some brownies as wedding favours but we would always preach caution first, since the elders who are receiving it may not take it well.

Black? During Chinese New Year?! | Credit: IKEA


Do you have any favourite bakers in SG?

We are really inspired by Backyard Bakers and the likes of The Circuit Baker but to be honest, kudos to all home-based business owners and hawkers! They are all heroes!

Credit: @wei6060

Did you think Singaporeans still use the term orh-be-good a lot? Sadly, I hear it less these days.

Personally, I do believe people are still using it behind closed d-orhs? As parents, we use them pretty much daily!


Will you ever run out of orh-ppotunities to use orh in sentences?

Orh-nestly, I can go orh-ne orh day l-orh-ng in Singap-orh, without any fear of running out of orh-pp-orh-tunities to use orh in sentences. Don’t f-orh-get, we have our Singlish heritage h-orh!

Orh B. Good sells a box of four brownies of generous portions for just $18.00. For delivery, simply add $5 on top of that.

Credit: @orh_b_good

For more on Orh B. Good, visit their Instagram page @orh_b_good. You can visit their store here.

That’s orh for this week’s #LocalBrandSPOTLight.

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