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Look At The Unseen Sides Of Singapore

Credit: Aik Beng Chia, Nguan

Gloomy weather this weekend? Worried that the rain will ruin your weekend plans? Put on a jacket and get ready for a trip to the ArtScience Museum.

Margins: Drawing Pictures Of Home

Together with the Singapore International Photography Festival, the ArtScience Museum is presenting Margins: Drawing Pictures Of Home, an exhibition about belonging by 15 Singaporean photographers.

Credit: John Clang

One of the 15 is John Clang, whose works have been exhibited worldwide and used by the likes of Nike and Hermès. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of works from his The Land of My Heart series, featuring the Singapore Girl in a variety of heartland places, such as the wet market or a HDB void deck. Or maybe you’ll see something from his series, Beon Sleeps, a commentary on the fast pace of life in Singapore and the futility of exhorting people to slow down.

Credit: John Clang

There’s also street photographer Aik Beng Chua, who has collaborated with brand such as Apple and Fuji. His works have appeared in Esquire Men Singapore and The Guardian.

Credit: Aik Beng Chia

Known for uncovering Singapore’s rarely seen but precious places and people, he’s photographed one of Singapore’s oldest Chinese opera troupes – founded in 1864, in full face paint and glamourous power suits. He’s also photographed Club Hawaii, Singapore’s oldest nightclub, before their renovation – when all of their fixtures and décor from the 1970s were still in place.

Credit: Aik Beng Chia

Speaking of documentation, Zakaria Zainal is another Singaporean photographer keen on recording Singapore’s lesser-known places and people. Did you know that Singapore used to be comprise of more than 60 islands?

A former resident of St. John’s Island with his friend, who still lives there. | Credit: Zakaria Zainal

Here, Zakaria shows us one of Singapore’s last islanders, kicking back on St. John’s Island.

There’s also the mysterious Nguan, the Singaporean internet’s favourite photographer, whose pastel palette and nostalgic images of Singapore has captured the hearts of many Singaporeans. His series capturing the cats of Dakota Crescent went viral last year, which we covered here.

Credit: Nguan

Margins: Drawing Pictures Of Home runs from 10am – 7pm daily, from now till 28 February.

Admission is $6 each.

You can get your tickets here.

Touring Singapore With A Photographer

Want to meet the photographers? How about a tour with Aik Beng Chua, to see the lesser-known parts of Little India he used in his art works?

Or a tour with Taiwanese born photographer Lavender Chang, who will show us where she grew up in Katong and take us through some of the places she used in her own projects?

Credit: Lavender Chang

Both tours will conclude by the end of January and cost $5 each.

Remember to book your tickets in advance before heading down to the ArtScience museum as slots may be limited due to safe distancing requirements. Do also note that the ArtScience museum is a TraceTogether-only venue so you’ll have to download the app or bring your TraceTogether token along!

Credit: Gfycat

Go on, get out there and enjoy the exhibition. Bring a friend or two. We’re sure all of the wonderful photographs will get you thinking about home in lots of new ways and ignite a conversation or two.

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