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Lost Your Job? Here Are 6 Things You Should Do Next


Losing a job can be akin to losing a loved one, according to some experts. The affected person goes through five stages of grief, and especially at a time like this, it can take lots of willpower, effort and support to boost self esteem and climb out of the dark hole to see sunlight streaming through the clouds once again.

For those who have been jobless for months, the search can seem hopeless and every rejection is a blow to the gut. After countless “thank you for your time” replies, you start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

If you’re one of them, don’t panic. It’s time to re-strategise and take stock of what’s really happening. Here’re 8 things you should try if you’re struggling with the stressful job hunt.

1. Stay on top of your industry

As much as you want to throw in the towel after the 100th application, it’s important to remain in the loop of what’s happening in the industry to stay relevant.

Keeping yourself educated on the latest softwares, certifications and developments can help keep your skills well-oiled and impress the interviewer. Subscribe to industry newsletters and follow the right people on LinkedIn and you’ll always be one of the first to know.

2. Review your resume

With many resumes streaming in these days, it can be hard to dive into the essence of your employment history at first glance. While Emily may have more experience than John, his resume beats her to the punch by just looking downright attractive.

Yes, I know HR personnels are taught to look beyond that, but the fact is that humans are still a shallow bunch. If you’re unsure how, try a professional resume writing service like this one here.

3. Take stock of past achievements

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s surprisingly one of the more commonly overlooked elements in the Professional Story of You. We’re so focused on churning out the best cover letters and trying to hide work achievements into the body of the resume so they flow, but here’s a little trick.

Consolidate all the achievements into a list and memorise them. The next time you have an interview, be sure to belt it out like a boss.

4. Pick up new skills

The upside of being unemployed is that you have the advantage of some extra time to learn new skills. However, let’s skip the baking classes and head straight into courses that helps you stay on top of your industry.

With the SkillsFuture credits available to all Singaporeans, get a professional cert or two! You never know, this can make the difference between you and other candidates. Or else, how about these free online courses?

5. Make friends

Ah, how often have we snubbed our noses at those who pull strings for gains; but look who’s laughing now! At this juncture, connections are more important than ever. Instead of moping at home, try catching up with old friends or joining networking sessions.

You never know what doors may open for you. If anything, you’ll gain a few more professional contacts to add into your phone list and those never hurt.

6. Stay positive

The year may be pulling into an end, but for some the job hunt never seems to end. After rejection one after another, the journey may seem unfair, painful and cruel. Career coach and author Jean Baur recommends using the phrase “in transition” instead of “unemployed” – indeed, perhaps a mindset switch can give you a little boost. When you project positivity, the interviewer can feel it too.

Whether you are a fresh graduate out in the market, looking for a career switch or have lost your job due to Covid-19, it’s important to stay employable. Workforce Singapore offers career matching services to help nudge you in the right direction and give you valuable advice to help you achieve your goal faster. So if you’re stuck in a rut, consider speaking to a Careers Connect officer here!