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Majestic Dinosaurs Draw Crowds At Singapore's Newest Park


Expect an uptick in sentiments related to “east side best side” in the coming days. For East Coast Park has gotten a big upgrade. The popular park is among three parks in the east that are now connected to Changi Airport, via a new park connector measuring 3.5km. The other two parks are Changi Beach Park and Bedok Reservoir.

Avid and recreational cyclists alike will love Singapore’s newest park, as it comes with many amenities for those who like peddling. Joggers and brisk walkers will also have a new place to stretch their legs. Plus, there’s a 1km stretch along the way that’s filled with life-sized dinosaurs.

That’s right, dinosaurs.

Singaporeans have already flocked to the island’s newest park last weekend, with many families bringing their children in tow. Because everyone loves dinosaurs.

Here are some things that you should know about our newest park.

  • There will be cycling paths and bike rental facilities, which will also provide bike repair services.


Or if you prefer, the park will also have do-it-yourself bike repair stations.

  • The bike rental facilities are under GoCycling, who have seven outlets around Singapore.


So you can rent from East Coast Park and cycle to Changi Airport Connector and drop it off there!

  • Need someone where to put your bike for a few days? Bicycle lockers are available for rent.
  • There will also be pay-per-use shower facilities, for those who need to freshen up.
  • Hub And Spoke, a new café, will serve as a place for park visitors to cool off and have some refreshments.


  • The new park was jointly created by the National Parks Board and the Singapore Tourism Board.
  • While entry to the park is free, you’ll take to make a booking on Changi Airport’s website if you’re thinking of dropping by from Friday to Sundays.


This is to keep crowding in check, after all, we’re still living in a pandemic. Click here to make a booking for this coming weekend.

Are you looking for somewhere new to go this weekend? Why not make a date with some dinosaurs and that special someone?