My Heartland  Stories   ·   09 Sep   ·   05:09 PM   ·   1 minute Read

Man Gets Out Of Car To Help Stranger Across Road


September 5th, Saturday. It was pouring in Toa Payoh. Despite not having an umbrella, a man in a black t-shirt got out of the comfort of his car to give a stranger a hand.

Credit: Stomp

The stranger was an older man in a wheelchair, who had trouble holding onto his umbrella and moving at the same time.

Mercifully, everyone seemed exceptionally patient and good-natured that day as nobody sounded their horn even as the man jogged quickly back to his vehicle, mission accomplished.

The footage was submitted to Stomp, which is usually a place for things of the decidedly not good variety. This is a… welcome change.


Faith in humanity restored. For now.