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McDonald’s Iconic Chicken McCrispy Makes A Secret Comeback In 10 Outlets

Source: @the.makfamily and Fasiha Nazren

The Chicken McCrispy is back this November! Since its removal from the menu in 2002, netizens have long-awaited its return.

McDonald’s super-secret soft launch was spotted by netizens on Facebook and made known by Singapore Atrium Sale on November 3, 2020. It was pretty sneaky of McDonald’s to keep this secret from everyone.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook Page

For those who do not remember the Chicken McCrispy, it is McDonald Singapore’s mildly spicy crispy chicken that became a cult favourite since its disappearance. This of it as the Singaporean version of Malaysia’s Ayam Goreng McD. We have all searched for a replacement to fill that crispy chicken-shaped hole in our hearts but to no avail.

Source: @summerhols

Many have since given up on the Chicken McCrispy but the Chicken McCrispy has not given up on us. It is back with a two-piece meal for S$8.40, including the regular drink and fries. The ala carte two-piece chicken is priced at S$6 or you can add-on a single Chicken McCrispy to a meal for just S$3.50.

For those of you who need more than two pieces of chicken to satisfy your cravings, McDonald’s offers a bucket of six pieces for S$16.90. That’s right, you heard it. A BUCKET.

Source: @khairul_sufiyan

The Chicken McCrispy itself hit a sweet spot between being mildly spicy and juicy. The initial bite of the thick crispy battered skin will give you a peppery spiced kick that will send you back to the good ole days in the 90s.

Source: Kubo Loh Hidenobu

The meat has been described as juicy with a slow spice burn, perfect for this rainy day season. Compared to the McSpicy Chicken patty and the McWings, the Chicken McCrispy is definitely bigger, spicer and juicer. You should definitely give it a try if you want to experience a more peppery seasoning for the chicken.

Unfortunately as of November 3, the long-awaited chicken has been sold out in most outlets. It has yet to be available for McDelivery as well.

Want to peep if the chicken is available? Check out these 10 outlets!

  • Boat Quay
  • Parkway Parade
  • Northpoint City
  • Bedok Mall
  • Regal Theatre
  • Keat Hong
  • Hougang Mall
  • Blk 267 Serangoon Avenue 3
  • Trade Hub 21
  • Geylang East


Do keep in mind that each batch takes around 30 minutes to be ready!

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The Chicken McCrispy’s 18 years disappearance had some of us thinking that it was all a crispy chicken-flavoured fever dream. For now, we are not quite sure how long it will stay in stores or when it will be available islandwide. Better hurry up and get a taste of the elusive Chicken McCrispy.

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