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Men Stop Construction Work To Help Old Man Cross Path


Last week, in Woodlands, an elderly man on a mobility scooter struggled to cross the path due to nearby construction work. The migrant construction workers saw him and stopped what they were doing to help him out.

One worker kept his hand on his scooter and the other held the elderly man so he wouldn’t fall.

A student who was walking out of nearby Republic Polytechnic witnessed this act of kindness and snapped some photos.

Credit: @sgfollowsall

This incident is just one in many of construction workers helping out Singaporeans. There are so many of them, there’s a whole subcategory on Stomp, Singapore’s user-generated news portal.

Credit: screengrab from Stomp

There are news stories and social media posts going back to 2017 about migrant workers helping elderly Singaporeans cross the road. Sometimes, when they are not busy building Singapore, they also help by just playing board games with kids.

Credit: Yang Kaiheng

On the flip side of things, there’s also Singaporeans helping migrant workers.

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), an advocacy group for migrant workers who organized a surprise for them a few days ago. Together with volunteers, TWC2 spent half a day scooping very hard, very frozen ice cream into 2,000 individual cups. These were then distributed to migrant workers in dormitories and construction sites all over the island on Sunday. Along with the ice cold treats were flyers on how to approach them for help.

Credit: @twc2sg

Now that’s the Singapore spirit I like to see.

Have you ever had an interaction with a migrant worker in your neighbourhood? Do you know anybody who has friends that are migrant workers?