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Milo Singapore’s Mini Milo Vans Are Super Cute


Remember being in secondary school and being forced, uh, encouraged to do the yearly marathon? Your school would bus you to MacRitchie Reservoir and you’d slog through the kilometers and as a reward, you’d get a free cup of ice cool Milo from the Milo truck.

As a proud bronze NAPFA recipient, the cup of Milo was the best thing next to the long chats I had with my best friends as we walked at a leisurely pace behind kids that actually bothered to jog.

Credit: bq

This year, to celebrate 70 years of being in Singapore, Milo Singapore is urging Singaporeans to #takehomethatmilovan by including a free miniature Milo van with every pack of Milo 3in1 (18 x 27g) sold! There are four adorable designs including the very nostalgic Milo Volkswagen minivan.

Look out for this packet now and get your very own Milo van collectible! Psst… In case you didn’t know, here are three cool facts about what is arguably Singapore’s real national drink, the Milo Dinosaur.

Credit: @hktablefor2

1 ) There are at least three eateries that claim to have invented the drink often associated and consumed with roti prata. They include the A&A Muslim Restaurant in Sembawang, which has since closed, plus Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant and Al-Amin Eating House, both located in the Beauty World area.

2 ) Variants of Milo Dinosaur include Milo Godzilla and Milo King Kong. What’s the difference? Milo Godzilla is basically Milo Dinosaur with a scoop of ice cream on top. With Milo King Kong, you get two scoops and an optional helping of whipped cream. Wah.

3 ) The alternative origin story of Milo Dinosaur is that it was invented by a roadside stall in Malaysia. According to this story, it was initally referred to as the Milo Shake. This has been mentioned by KF Seetoh of Makansutra fame!

What both origin stories share is that the drink was invented in the 1990s.

Credit: Milo Singapore

Now that you know a bit more about Milo, are you craving some? #takehomethatmilovan before stocks run out now! You can click here to buy it online or if you like, you can keep an eye for it during your next grocery run!

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