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MOS Burger's Crunchy Chicken Burger: It's Crunchy But Is It Scary Good?


Ever since I was aware that MOS Burger was a thing, I’ve been eating in their restaurants. Whenever I get their Fish Burger, I’m still blown away by how good the $3.45 burger is. Till the day I die, I will insist that MOS Burger’s Fish Burger is vastly superior to that of McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.

So when I heard about the launch of their Crunchy Chicken Burger, I decided I had to try it. Though I’m not a particularly big fan of karaage, I thought MOS Burger would be able to get it right. After all, fans of MOS Burger will know that their MOS Chicken is amazing. It’s a big leg of chicken, lightly battered with just the right balance of crispyness and juiciness. Despite the lack of hype, it belongs in the list of the best fried chicken you can get at a fast food chain in Singapore.

Disclaimer: This adorable MOS Burger food truck is sadly not available here | Credit: @clentisit

So… did MOS Burger get it right? Was their Crunchy Chicken Burger scary good and satisfying to the last bite, like their Fish Burger? Well, let’s take a look.

When you’re at MOS Burger, you’ll be asked if you’d like the regular Crunchy Chicken Burger or whether you’d like it with cheese. The regular costs $4.95 and the one with cheese costs $5.25. I chose the one with cheese.

The burger itself is very simple. A piece of medium-sized deep fried chicken tucked between two buns. There’s a sprinkle of sliced lettuce. Add some sauce and a slice of cheese and there you have it! That’s the entirety of the Crunchy Chicken Burger.

Because of MOS Burger’s press photos, I didn’t think it would actually be crunchy. But it was! The chicken was indeed encased in a crunchy shell. To my surprise, one of the buns was fairly crunchy as well. It was slightly reminiscent of the deep fried buns in traditional Chinese restaurants as well as some old-school Western food stalls you find in kopitiams. The other bun, on the top, wasn’t as crunchy but it made up for the fact with its freshly buttered fragrance.

The chicken itself, apart from being crunchy, was also not overly juicy. If you’re wearing make-up, despite the pandemic and mask ordinance, power to you and don’t worry about this being a messy eat. It’s really not. Apart from that, the chicken really isn’t a stand-out in any respect. The meat in between the buns should be a highlight of any burger. But in this case, it was just meh. However, this burger is saved from being a total flop by virtue of the slice of cheese.

Credit: MOS Burger

According to cheese science, the “milky” taste present in certain cheeses emerges when the fat content within is heated up. Some cheeses are milkier than others, like mozzarella. This humble slice of $0.30 cheese, I believe, is what saves this burger from a failing grade. It adds some savoury, tangy goodness to the burger together with a full milky taste. The bits of lettuce also helps to mop up some grease from the chicken and lighten up the taste.

Now, onto the buns. They are actually pretty good. They are more than adequate and they do not distract from the rest of the burger. And nor should they. I mean, nobody eats burgers because of the buns.

Perhaps the most disappointing was the sauce. According to MOS Burger themselves, there’s supposedly honey mustard in this burger. But I could not taste any. I thought it was just plain old mayonnaise!

Overall, I would give this burger a 5.5 to 6/10. For context, the Fish Burger that I have mentioned so many times in this article would net a 8 or 9/10. I really don’t want to think about what it would be like had I chosen the version without cheese!

Here’s a tip: the Fish Burger comes with the same cheese. ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ –

What is your opinion of MOS Burger’s food? Have you tried some of their lesser known items, like their hot dogs or their mussel nuggets? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook post!