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Must-Buy Face Masks If You're Secretly Atas

Credit: @orfy_oficial, @abam_fifiey

If you travelled back in time to ask a Singaporean living in the 1970s what people in Singapore would be wearing in the year 2020, we can guarantee the answer will not be pyjamas. Yet, that was essentially what Singaporeans were wearing for a good part of the year, due to the pandemic. Another accessory Singaporeans cannot live without: a face mask that stands out, looks good and feels comfortable.

The other PJs | Credit: This Is Never That x New Balance

Enter the luxury face mask industry, words which no human thought ever had to be put next to each other.

Off-White Diag Mask

The brand Off-White was founded in Italy by an American designer, Virgil Abloh, back in the early 2010s. Ostensibly a luxury street fashion brand, it is perhaps better known for selling $1,000 sweaters and ironic clothing, such as this scarf.

Credit: Off-White

Oh, and you’ll know it’s Off-White when you see its motifs, namely the zebra crossing and the interlocking double-ended arrow.

Anyway, if you like stripes and have don’t mind paying a bit more for a face mask, well, I have good news for you.

Credit: Off-White

Price: $140

Click here for the product page (in pink)

Click here for the product page (in black)

Off-White is located at 2 Bayfront Ave, #B1-128 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Off-White Bucket Hat With Face Cover

OK, OK, I know this isn’t really a mask. But bucket hats are back in fashion. Did you know that the bucket hat and face shield combo you’ve seen on little kids here were distributed by the Temasek Foundation, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education?

Credit: Temasek Foundation

Now you too, can wear your own bucket hat with a face shield built in.

You just have to pay slightly more for it.

Credit: Off-White

Price: $765

Click here for the product page (one colour only)

Burberry Vintage Check Mask

Burberry has a much longer history than Off-White, having been established in 1856. Burberry is best known for their trench coats and their Burberry check pattern. Much like how Louis Vuitton is sometimes associated with Ah Lians in Singapore, Burberry is sometimes associated with Chavs, the United Kingdom’s answer to Singapore’s Ah Bengs.

Credit: @highemotion

Burberry’s answer to this was to reduce the amount of products its signature check appeared on, down to a mere 10%.

Today, Burberry is thought to have turned around its Chav image.

So, don’t worry if you like the Burberry check, OK? They have been 100% reformed. Really.

Credit: Burberry

Price: $190

Click here for the product page

Burberry Mask In Black

Are you a believer in keeping things simple? If so, you will approve of this very no-frills all black mask by Burberry. The only hint that you are, in fact, wearing a luxury mask comes from the logo engraving on the polished studs.

Plus, all proceeds from these face masks will go to the Burberry Foundation COVID-19 Community Fund.

Credit: Burberry

Price: $190

Click here for the product page

Speaking of Louis Vuitton, their fans will be disappointed to know that their $365 face masks are currently sold out. Previously available in their signature caramel-on-tan monogram print and in plain ol’ black, both of these masks came with their own little bags.

Credit: Louis Vuitton

But if you have access to a dragon’s hoard and will never run out of money, don’t be too broken up about it.

After all, as Dowager Countess Violet Crawley wisely notes, Defeatism is only for the middle class.

Credit: ITV Studios

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