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Nail Your Fashion Style With These 6 Pro-Tips & Hacks!


Trouble in fashion paradise? Simply de-cluttering your wardrobe isn’t going to help much, if you don’t have a basic sense of what’s fit for you and your taste! So, before you start opening up a runway in a fitting room or your room, check these timeless hacks to help streamline your stylistic experience! And check out the links to get a head start in your closet overhaul. Disclaimer: prices may vary!


Learn to layer your outfits


Now we’re not here to advocate excessive layering until you look like a dumpling sweating buckets in our Singapore heat! Smartly pairing a thin and breezy summer shirt over a tee helps to break up your frame; making you appear taller and more slender! But it’s not just limited to your clothes, accessories are also active layers that can make or break your style.

If you’re unsure about what to use for your layers, there’s no need to overcomplicate things! Pair prints with plain clothes, use them to your advantage to highlight and elevate your look!

Check out Cotton On’s collection of summer shirts, perfect for this combo!


Get the right outerwear, and get a few!


We’re going to ignore the usual trinity of must-have jackets (denim, leather and heavy blazers); those won’t work out in our humidity! But you do need 3 types of outerwear; casual, formal, edgy (or street style). These picks will be about versatility and timelessness, helping to shave off minutes picking out your attire!

Also think about clothing that could double up as outerwear, like a loose-cut long sleeved shirt. Those may not look too impressive worn alone, but when layered, it can become a fashion statement!

But the easy-peasy option is to get a chic blazer and throw it on, click here to take a look!


Clean up your look, keep things in balance


On days when we don’t feel like putting on long pants and dressing up in button ups, we’re so tempted to put a ragtag of the comfiest combinations of top and bottom, and waltz out looking like a hot mess. Or worse, feeling like one! To look decently well while dressed down, the golden rule is to keep the visuals clean.

If your form-fitting denim shorts have tattered ends, get a nice solid-coloured oversized box-cut to pair as a top. Keep it minimal and stylish, balance out the proportions!

Here’s a simple top from MUJI for ladies and gents, that’s surely going to be an everyday outfit staple!


Fine line between street fashion and a (hot) mess


If you’ve been adventurous and bought yourself a few of such fashion timebombs, you’re either a fashion genius or you might find yourself regretting! The golden rule in street fashion is to have a consistent theme, be it in colours, vibes, or era. Don’t stretch yourself thin with too many confusing visuals.

Work with textures with small hints of graphics, or loud prints with zero layers. And when in doubt, solid-colours are your BFFs!

Here’s a starter for your street-style upgrade if you’re lost on where to begin, click here!


A trusty pair of white (or black) shoes!


Hold your groans everyone! As ‘dangerous’ as it is to own a pair of white shoes, there’s a reason why it’s still the popular go-to pair – because it works really well! Whether you’re wearing white sneakers or white Chelsea boots, they are so easy to match. Yes, it takes some effort in maintenance but it’s so worth it.

But should you find it too much, yes, a black pair of Doctor Martens also works wonders. #whateverworks

Check these classic white shoes that cannot do you wrong here!


Know your skin tone and how to use it


Playing with colours can be a tough juggling act, especially when it comes to prints. It all comes down to knowing your skin tone and what works for you. Rich colours of nature for Warm skin tones, cold but vivid tones for those with Cool skin tones, and soft hues for those with Neutral skin tones.

A disclaimer; you shouldn’t feel the need to avoid certain colours altogether, fashion is an artistic expression, experiment all the shades! Try injecting those shades in big or small doses, after all, these are just guidelines!

Most importantly, you should enjoy what you wear and own it! All the most fashionable articles of clothing in your closet won’t make you glow — it’s your confidence that does the trick. It’s shouldn’t be the clothes that wear you, but you wearing them!