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Old Chang Kee Sells Limited Edition NDP Curry Puffs In 4 Popular Flavours


Remember the camo curry pok that came out recently? It came as a commeration to SAF Day 2020, in the design of our standard army-issue camouflage print.


If you loved the camo puff, watch your chest swell in patriotic pride with this new NDP series! Once again, Old Chang Kee cleverly added in some colouring to signify the signature red-white colours of our flag. The other three puffs come in solid colours ranging from light to dark. With four cultural flavours in this series, I really do love how they signify our diversity 🤔 so ten points for Old Chang Kee!

Without further ado, let’s dive into each of the curry puffs:


1. Chilli Crab’O


Wrapped in a flaky pastry skin which is made of red and white swirls, it gives an apt ode to our flag. The filling is a sweet chilli crab sauce which is well-loved by many Singaporeans; chilli crab – the quintessential flavor of our culture and a dish seen commonly in many Chinese restaurants.


2. Rendang Chicken’O


It’s not the first time we’ve seen this green curry puff. First introduced in 2016, the Rendang Curry’O is generously filled with chicken and potatoes, spiced to a mean rendang mixture. First created by the Malay community, this dish is now popular with all Singaporeans young and old.


3. Butter Chicken’O


Like the staple North Indian dish, the Butter Chicken’O is created with a blend of spices to recreate murgh makhani, which is – you guessed it – butter chicken. It’s wrapped in yellow pastry, the third flavour introduced in this NDP series.


4. Chicken Stew’O


Wrapped in black charcoal pastry, the Chicken Stew’O is reminiscent of the old-school comfort food, which is usually thought of as an ang moh food; but we’re a multi-cultural society so deal with it. We’re curious how this will taste like but my guess is that it’ll probably taste like a chicken pot pie.

Hungry already? But don’t rush down to the nearest OCK just yet. The NDP series will be available at all Old Chang Kee outlets and selected delivery platforms from 2 August, and each flavour will come out in phases.

The Chilli Crab’O will be available from 2 to 9 August; Rendang Chicken’O from 10 to 16 August; Butter Chicken’O from 17 to 23 August and Chicken Stew’O from 24 to 30 August.

Each puff from the NDP series retails at $2 each, while stocks last. For more information, click here.