Health  Lifestyle   ·   25 Sep   ·   12:09 PM   ·   1 minute Read

Plastic Or Planet?


Did you know that Planet or Plastic? is ArtScience Museum’s first showcase since its re-opening after the circuit breaker? A joint effort between ArtScience Museum and National Geographic, it’s a huge exhibition befitting the scope of National Geographic’s multi-year, ongoing project to raise awareness about the impact of widespread plastic use. Exhibition visitors can expect to learn all about plastic, from the history of how plastic came to be, to the future after plastic to how plastic has shaped our lives.

More than 70 award-winning photographs and videos will be showcased at this exhibit. With more than 8 million tons of plastic entering the oceans every year, there is an urgent need to tackle wide-spread plastic use to protect our ocean wildlife.

There will also be an Interactive Space focusing on how the pandemic has driven the usage of single-use plastic to new heights. Just imagine, everyday bottles of hand sanitizer, personal protective equipment, face masks and gloves are thrown away. Where do these items go after their disposal and what happens if they end up in the sea?

Credit: Justin Hoffman

The Plastic Or Planet? exhibition will run until the 28 March 2021. A ticket costs $16 for Singapore residents and $19 for non-residents. Due to the pandemic, timed entry and limited capacity have been introduced so interested parties are encouraged to log onto ArtScience Museum’s website to pre-purchase tickets!