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Pledge Your #SGgratitudepack To Our Migrant Workers!


National Day has been over for more than a couple of weeks now. You may have heard of a drive to repurpose Singapore Together Funpacks into SG Gratitude Packs for migrant workers. But did you know you can still contribute?

If you are new to this initiative, #SGgratitudepack was started by a group of Singaporeans who call themselves A Good Space. Their aim is to “express gratitude to them for building Singapore”. To do this, they are also partnering with ItsRainingRaincoats, Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach, Be Kind SG and SerendipET.


How To Do This Ah?


If you find that you don’t need the items in your funpack because you already have enough masks or hand sanitizers, consider giving them away to migrant workers! Of course, you don’t have to give everything away. Take a look at what you can spare and add in anything else you would like to give them.

And if you would rather keep the 2020 funpack tote because they are pretty rad, keep them! You can use any clean tote bag to put your donations in, or even an old funpack from previous years.

Here is A Good Space’s guide on what is suitable to put in your #SGgratitudepack:

For any avoidance of doubt, here’s what NOT to put in your #SGgratitudepack:

Several non-profits have come forward to offer their premises as a drop-off point for those who like to contribute their #SGgratitudepack. Somel kind individuals have even offered up their own homes to do the same! Because of the generosity of all those involved, there are pick-up points all over Singapore, from Yishun to Pasir Ris to the central area!

Now that’s the Singapore spirit!

You can find a comprehensive list of the locations by clicking here.


Will you considering donating some items? What will you put in your #SGgratitudepack?