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Potato Chips That Are White Rabbit Candy-Flavoured? Get Out!


Singaporeans are no stranger to the White Rabbit candy. In fact, the love for this milky sweet has spun many variations of food and drinks, like these ones:



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Now, another contender has joined the ranks. While we are familiar with the candy-themed desserts like cakes, ice cream and smoothies, Lay’s has taken it one level up. Introducing Lay’s newest flavour – White Rabbit potato chips! This intriguing snack was first launched in China in June, and comes from a series of unique flavours like Spicy Duck Neck and Roast Pork Dumplings. Sadly, the other flavours are currently not available in Singapore.


According to those who have tried out the chips, it is sweet and blends surprisingly well with the crunchy potato. They also said that it does taste a lot like the actual White Rabbit candy.

Lay’s White Rabbit Potato Chips ($2.50) is now available at selected FairPrice outlets. Go grab it before it goes OOS!