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Learn How To Flip Prata With The Best At Casuarina Curry

Credit: Casuarina Curry

Roti Prata is a dish so beloved by Singaporeans that it bridges all divides, whether it’s race, class or religion. Who can resist a freshly flipped prata together with a nice cup of teh? This year, Casuarina Curry is back with their Prata Workshop, which is being carried out at two locations.

Credit: @thisisjeffrey

The well-known restaurant has been around since the 1980s. In fact, it was one of the roti prata restaurants along the Jalan Kayu stretch until 1992, when it moved to the tranquil Upper Thomson Road neighbourhood.

Casuarina Curry @ MacPherson Road

Credit: Casuarina Curry

If you have a deep and boundless love for prata, come for the education and stay for the limitless prata! Casuarina Curry is offering all-you-can-eat pratas to all aspiring prata scholars! You will also get a complimentary drink. Choose between teh tarik, kopi or milo!

Credit: Desmond Tan

All classes conducted take 2 hours to complete. You can sign up for weekday classes between 10am to 6pm. Currently, their classes start from 1 February and end on 26 February.

Price: $25.68

Address: 187 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 348545

Sign up for classes here.

Have questions? Call 6285 9001 to get an answer.

Casuarina Curry @ Upper Thomson Road

Credit: @edramoso

Classes here are the result of a partnership between Culturally Co and Casuarina Curry.

Culturally is a company that connects Singaporeans to unique experiences and workshops, whether it’s prata-making or typesetting!

A minimum of 4 persons are required for booking, which works out to be slightly cheaper than the course at MacPherson Road.

Credit: Culturally Co

Just like at MacPherson, you’ll get your chance to eat as much prata as humanly possible. There will also be free-flow of teh and kopi! Classes here start earlier, from 28 January onwards.

Sign up for classes here.

Price: $22 per pax / minimum of 4 pax

Address: 136-138 Casuarina Rd, Singapore 579526

Credit: @josh_jy

A new year is a great time to embark on new experiences, whether by yourself or with friends and family. If you love prata, learning more about the art of prata-making will only help your appreciation for the finest of flatbreads grow!

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