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Race To Changi Airport T4 For A Dino-Themed Go-Kart Track

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For the first time ever, Changi Airport Terminal 4 has turned its taxi area into a go-karting track! The 200m Dino-Kart track is now opened till 31 December 2020. What better way to spend your weekend than a go-kart race?

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Feel the adrenaline as you speed around the colourful track at 24km/h on the electric go-karts. The track features 12 bends with brightly coloured neon lights for decorations. Visit the track at night for the full Mario Kart Rainbow Road experience.

Racing Requirements
Source: @changiairport

Racers are required to wear covered shoes and must be at least 1.3 metres in height. The minimum age to race is 13 years old as of 1 November 2020 for the pro circuit go-kart. Younger racers from nine years old onwards can enjoy the exclusive track on Dino-Karts with speeds of up to 8km/h on the novice circuit.

The track is opened daily from 3pm to 10pm from Monday to Wednesday and 2pm-11pm from Thursday to Sunday, including eves of public holidays and public holidays. You can find the track at Changi Airport Terminal 4 Arrival Kerbside, taxi waiting area.

Get the activity pass for the pro and novice circuit. The pricing is as such:

Circuit Weekdays (Mon-Wed) Weekends (Thu-Sun)
Novice $12 $16
Pro $15 $22


Changi Airport visitors can redeem discounted activity passes using Changi Airport Play Pass. They can do so by spending a minimum of $30 ($80 at supermarkets) on a single receipt at any retail and F&B outlet in Changi Airport Terminal 1, 3, 4 and Jewel.

Discounted activity pass rates

Circuit Weekdays (Mon-Wed) Weekends (Thu-Sun)
Novice $8 $12
Pro $10 $18


You can redeem up to four discounted activity passes for every $30 spent. Activity passes for the dino-themed activities can be booked five days in advance on!

Dino Bounce
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Those who are younger than nine years old can still enjoy dinosaur-themed fun at Changi Airport! The Dino Bounce is a 30m long fun-filled bouncy castle. The bouncy castle is suitable for kids between the age of 5 to 12 years old with a minimum height of 1m.


Source: Changi Festival Village

There are two different sections that the kids can go to – Dino Bounce Land suitable for 5 to 8 years old and Dino Bounce Sea suitable for 9 to 12 years old. Each activity pass will give the kids a 20-minute access to the bouncy castle with an additional 5 minutes for briefing.

The tickets for both the sections are $8. The Dino Bounce will be open till 3 January 2021 from 3pm to 10pm from Monday to Wednesday and 2pm to 11pm from Thursday to Sunday. It can be found at Terminal 4 Departure Hall, opposite check-in row 1.


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