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Rating 9 Bumble and Tinder Bios in Singapore

Source: Bumble and Mike Baumeister

A picture is worth a thousand words but the 500 character limit on your dating profile might be worth a new relationship. During the current Covid period, it can be quite hard to meet new people.

That is why many flock to dating apps like Bumble and Tinder to find their special someone. The problem with dating apps is you can’t really show your entire personality on your profile. The other person could only judge based on your bio and profile pictures.

Physical appearance aside, many of us are not very good a writing out bios. This is why we have decided to rate nine dating profile bios from Bumble and Tinder to learn what could potentially get a match.

The profiles are individuals between 20 to 35 years olds in Singapore. We rate the profiles based on the bios only, not their pictures.


How much personality is showcased in the bio? Are they funny or interesting?


Would the bio make a person swipe just to get to know more about them?


Are they honest with what they are looking for and who they are?


The final verdict will determine if we will swipe to the left or right. Any score more than 5/10 means they deserve a swipe right based on their bio.


500 characters are more than enough to give the other person a gist of your personality and what you are looking for. Please remember that the numbers are not based on their actual personality, just what they write for their bios. Don’t take this too seriously!


The Ron Weasley

Source: Screenshot from Tinder

This person is very upfront with what they are looking for. Additionally, they had already planned the outcome of the relationship and their CPF money! They also subtly included a Harry Potter reference that doubles as a pickup line. Great personality!

Personality: 10/10

Intrigue: 7/10

Honesty: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

Definitely a swipe right!


The Basic Bio

Source: Screenshot from Tinder

Unoriginal. Overused. Honestly, there are 1000 other bios like this. Chances of getting a swipe right are probably really low.

Personality: 0/10

Intrigue: -6/10

Honesty: 0/10

Overall: -2/10

We’re swiping LEFT!


The Pinterest Quote

Source: Screenshot from Tinder

This would make you feel very special for a second until you realize that it is probably just a generic quote from Pinterest. Good effort. Maybe including something about yourself might help.

Personality: 2/10

Intrigue: 3/10

Honesty: 0/10

Overall: 1.6/10

It’s a swipe left for us. We need to know more about you.


The Nice Guy

Source: Screenshot from Tinder

Came with a helpful warning and is tremendously honest. This is very useful for those who specifically want a partner who doesn’t have a house or a car. You can also decide on the spot if you want to be this person’s first-ever partner in a committed relationship. No pressure at all.

Personality: 8/10

Intrigue: 6/10

Honesty: 100000/10

Overall: 8/10

Swipe right! They are probably a funny person.


The Tinder Poet

Source: Screenshot from Tinder

Probably has a poetic soul. This bio will make you curious about what kind of person they are and what exactly is the common eye. You might potentially have a great chat with them.

Personality: 3/10

Intrigue: 7/10

Honesty: 5/10

Overall: 5/10

On the fence about them but we might swipe right out of curiosity.


The Contradicter

Source: Screenshot from Bumble

So many contradictions. This person probably has a lot of hobbies in his free time. They are honest about wanting someone who is up to their standards but also has standards low enough for them. That is always good to know. What a creature of contradictions.

Personality: 7/10

Intrigue: 6/10

Honesty: 9/10

Overall: 6/10

The score says swipe right but only if you can lower your standards.


The Edgelord

Source: Screenshot from Bumble

Very dark. Edgy. Intrigued to know why would a person describe themselves as a movable joint mechanism of a door.

Personality: 1/10

Intrigue: 2/10

Honesty: 0/10

Overall: 1/10

Unless you are attracted to the dark, edgy, tortured souls of a door joint mechanism, it’s left.


The Future Boyfriend

Source: Screenshot from Bumble

Very straight forward. We love a person who knows what they want. However, you would not know much about this person. You could always jump straight into a serious relationship and learn more about them along the way.

Personality: 0/10

Intrigue: 0/10

Honesty: 10/10

Overall: 3.33/10

We are swiping left for now. We need to know more before we think about committing to the relationship.


The Insured Positivity

Source: Screenshot from Bumble

Very positive. This person could probably brighten your day while trying to sell you insurance. You could somehow tell they are very passionate about investing money.

Personality: /10

Intrigue: 7/10

Honesty: 5/10

Overall: 7/10

We are swiping right for positivity and buying a new insurance plan. At least we know a relationship with this person is financially stable and insured.


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Dating profile bios are key to start the ball rolling. It is the second thing they see and it could determine a swipe right or left. A meaningful relationship could start from your creative 500 character bio.

Don’t be shy! Just add in a bit of your personality in the bio. A bad bio can still have some chemistry! We wish you and the people in this post all the best in your online dating journey. Good luck!