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Rediscover Singapore's History At The Time Capsule

Source: Singapore Flyer and @rshh5

Who says history lessons can’t be fun? Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer is a multisensory attraction that lets you experience Singapore’s history. Have a fun and educational day with your family learning about everything you need to know about Singapore.

This two-story-high attraction recently opened and is decked out in high-tech displays and light projection. The attraction is filled with interactive games, stunning visuals, and great music. You can complete the entire attraction in around 45 minutes but that is if you are not busy taking Instagram pictures at every space!

Tickets for the Time Capsule cost $15 for adults and $10 for seniors and kids between the ages of 3 – 12 years old. The attraction opens on Thursday – Sunday and Public Holidays between 2 pm to 9.15 pm. It closes on Monday – Wednesday.


Time-Traveling Robot
Source: @rshh5

Meet R65, a time-traveling robot companion, who is in charge of watching over Singapore and its memories. R65 will take you 700 years back to Singapore’s founding years that is still shrouded with legends and myths.

From there, you will travel through eight other zones that tell the story of significant events in history that ultimately led to what we know as Singapore today. While walking around the attraction, make sure to keep your eye out for the lovely animations that explain local folktales and even interesting facts in our history.


Source: @rshh5

Don’t forget to take pictures along the way! Infinity Space, one of the spaces you can visit is an area covered with long mirrors and large screens that cover the whole wall. The immersive space features a three-minute show that will dazzle your eyes.


Source: @vincent_ng_photography

The River of Time is another space that you would want to take pictures in! The area is covered with light projections from floor to ceiling. Representing the Singapore River, the River of Time showcases stories from Singapore’s history that comes alive as you walk by.


The Past Vs The Present

Finish off the attraction by going for a ride on the Singapore Flyer. What better way to end off an enriching day of learning about the past than to enjoy a view of the present? Currently, Singapore Flyer is having a joint promotion with the Time Capsule.

Get the Time Capsule and Singapore Flyer tickets for just $40 for adults and $25 for seniors and children. Since you are already there, you might as well grab this deal!