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Release The Toxicity Of 2020 With Yoga And Meditation

Source: The Sense Therapy and Dylan Gillis

2020 was a crazy year. It is time to start 2021 by releasing all the negative energy from the previous year. Yoga and meditation are definitely the way to go! Feel fresh and energize for a better year ahead.

Get your body, spirit, and mind in tune with a little help from yoga and meditation. Even a little can go a long way towards feeling better and confident to tackle 2021! These exercises are known to rehabilitate your body and might even help you heal from the tiring year you just had.


Meditating The Negativity Away
Source: Susanna Marsiglia

At first glance, meditation may seem easy. It is a practice that helps you be fully engaged and mindful of yourself and your body by being present. According to Insider, managing mental illness, reducing stress, and fostering compassion are some of the benefits that you can get from meditating. This is the kind of energy we need in 2021!

Just like any other exercise, it is a skill that requires consistent practice and will take time to develop. Trying to meditate the first time may be hard at first but there are free classes and groups that you can join that will help!


Meditation Breaks

Source: Meditation Breaks

Meditation Break conducts free live online meditation classes that you can join in. They provide a wide range of easy-to-learn mindfulness lessons and techniques that are focused on better your quality of life. The classes they offer are great for beginners and those who are looking to make meditation part of a regular routine.

Sign up for a live guided meditation session here!


Singapore Free Meditation

Source: Singapore Free Meditation

Singapore Free Meditation is an open platform that offers meditation sessions and workshops to help Singaporeans stress-detox after work. You can visit their Facebook page where they post classes and workshops from various experts and mindfulness professionals. It is a great page full of resources that can help beginners start their meditation journey.

They also feature a free beginner-friendly meditation session every week. This session is held every Thursday from 8 pm to 9 pm at 19A Joo Chiat Place. Do check out their MeetUp page for more details.


Stretch It Out With Yoga
Source: Dylan Gillis

Yoga is a slow-paced physical workout that engages the mind and the body. Similar to meditation, it helps you to relax by stretching out tense muscles, manage stress, and gives you more positive energy.

Yoga, specifically Yin Yoga, can also help in letting go and releasing negative emotions. The practice of Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine through passive seated postures. This is great for beginners looking to heal using yoga.


Art Of Yoga

Source: Art Of Yoga

Art Of Yoga offers a variety of classes. In their Yin Yoga class, you will get a deeper understanding of meditation as well as the various ways to let go and surrender to the present. This beginner-friendly class will go through poses that will help your body stretch, relax, and decompress so that you can achieve a deeper level of relaxation.

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The Sense Therapy

Source: The Sense Therapy

The Sense Therapy focuses on helping people with their healing journeys. They offer classes that help you to relax and relieve stress through sound healing, therapeutic yoga, and meditation. They also offer a Yin Yoga class that is accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls, happy drum, and other healing instruments. This is to help with emotional release for renewal that is perfect for the new year.

Sign up for the Healing Yin Sound at The Senses Therapy!


Say goodbye to 2020 and its negative energy! It is time to start the year feeling fresh with yoga and meditation. Sign up for the classes today!