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Ring In The New Year With Some Bling With These Local Jewellers

Credit: @modestminerals,

When it comes to local jewellery boutiques, most Singaporeans probably think of Poh Heng Jewellery or SK Jewellery. But there are now many more players in the market. Smaller, leaner companies that move faster with the trends and are much more unafraid when it comes to trying something completely different.

In this article, we will feature pieces from 3 of these relatively new players in the market.

Modest Minerals

Price Range:

Specialty: Semi-precious and precious gemstones.

Modest Minerals is the newest kid on the block, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and always happy to tell you about their favourite gems. It is perhaps the only shop where shoppers can sort by properties, to find a gem that suits their personality and needs!

Amazonite Studs
Credit: Modest Minerals

Need to buy a gift for a fervent fan of Wonder Woman? Why not these? Though you might mistaken it for jade at first, these are in fact made from Amazonite, which is the stone of truth and courage. Frightfully fitting, isn’t it?

Price: $17.00

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Everyday Necklace (Grey Moonstone and Rose Quartz)
Credit: Modest Minerals

Meant for everyday wear, this stainless steel chain comes in both gold and silver. As always with Modest Minerals, the stones are the focus here. Not only are they pleasing to look at, it is believed that keeping them close to you will protect you from nightmares and help you to see new perspectives!

Price: $35.00

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Price Range: ☆☆ to ☆☆☆

Specialty: Fine jewellery for everyday wear

Tessellate has been around for a few years and it’s all thanks to the tenacity of its founder, who decided to drop out of the university to start Tessellate. Much like how a chef travels to handpick her produce, or prime cuts of meat, founder May goes to India to handpick her favourite gems.

Silver Necklace With Labradorite Charms
Credit: Tessellate

A beautiful piece with top quality labradorite stone ornaments throughout, it’s an understated piece that lights up whenever you move your body. Like the wings of a carpenter bee, Labradorite is iridescent – which means its appears to change colours when the light quality changes.

Price: $129.00

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Venus Rose Quartz Earrings
Credit: Tessellate

A timeless pair of earrings go a long way to adding value to your ensemble. These earrings dangle just the right length to draw attention to your neck and also accentuate your jawline. Perfect for that evening out. Alternatively, this also adds some class to your day out or your everyday office wear.

Price: $120.00

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This Is State Property

Price Range: ☆☆☆☆☆

Specialty: Statement pieces

The brand was founded by a jeweller trained in the same London college which produced Alexander McQueen and an industrial designer who’s had his work exhibited in the Singapore Art Museum. Since This Is State Property was founded about 5 years ago, their pieces have gone worldwide, ending up on the earlobes and necklines of the rich and famous.

Inversion Major Necklace
Credit: This Is State Property

If you don’t like being too showy but would like to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, this necklace is it. Made from 18K gold and white Akoya pearls, it is available in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

Price: $1,050

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Mizzle Earrings
Credit: This Is State Property

From their Udan Liris collection, which was set up to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Indonesia, comes a pair of fierce AF earrings. Did you know that the Udan Liris was a batik pattern originally reserved for use only by the Sultan of Surakarta and his family? Made from 18K rose gold with sapphires of various hues inlaid, it’ll make you feel like a royal too.

Price: $5,700

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Emilia Clarke wearing a pair of Ellipsis earrings, because she can. | Credit: Robert Ascroft

It’s not always easy to make a choice when it comes to something as personal as jewellery. We recommend you take your time before you decide. Meanwhile, we’ll be here for you while you make up your mind.