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Royal Butler: Rice Should Be Eaten With Forks And Knives

Credit: @arnesmat, @theroyalbutler

How do you eat your rice?

I’m making an educated guess that it’s with anything but a fork and knife.

According to Grant Harrold, who calls himself The Royal Butler, a fork and knife is what you should strive to use. That is, if you care at all about proper table manners and etiquette. Harrold, who was once butler to the British royal family, has been in butlering business since 1997.

Credit: screengrab from Twitter

Twitter is unimpressed with his résumé, however, since it is entirely possible to be the world’s best butler and have no idea how to eat rice.

Credit: screengrab from Twitter

Or use common sense.

O possess a modicum of empathy or a sprinkle of emotional intelligence, to deduce that telling people whose primary diet is rice how to eat it is not cool.

Credit: screengrab from Twitter

Even Singapore Twitter got in on the action.

Credit: screengrab from Twitter
Credit: screengrab from Twitter

Etiquette Classes

In keeping with the pandemic times, Harrold’s website offers online etiquette classes for those who seek to refine themselves, whenever and wherever. They range from £50 – £125 ($92.96 – $232.41 SGD) , depending on whether you’re taking a half hour class or if you’re sitting for the full hour class.

If this makes you curious about the etiquette market we have at home, me too!

Credit: Cartoon Network

A quick look-see reveals that we have our own etiquette schools as well, although not all of them are happy to post their fees. They are, of course, of much humbler origin than a man who has wined and dined with British royalty.

One of them offers a 3 hour course in Afternoon Tea Etiquette for $98.

Credit: screengrab from Twitter

I couldn’t find anything on their websites on what is the best, most correct utensil for eating rice though.