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Singaporean Students Make Scanning For SafeEntry Into A Video Game

Credit: @___s.tano.__, SafeEntry Please Team

The National University of Singapore has been hosting their Hack&Roll  hackathons since 2011. This year is their 10th iteration and SafeEntry Please was rolled out just in time. Inspired by the hit indie game, Papers Please, it soon became viral on the internet.

You play one of the island’s many part-timers charged with ensuring patrons scan the SafeEntry QR code before entering the building. SafeEntry Please borrows the lo-fi aesthetics from Papers Please and even features an upbeat 8-bit video game soundtrack.

Credit: SafeEntry Please team

Also like in Papers Please, the challenge is to keep doing your job well and in a timely manner even as the rules change. After all, this game is set in the earlier half of 2020, when our knowledge of the virus was not as comprehensive.

At first, all you need to focus on is the temperature of the mall patrons.

It didn’t take long for the author to lose the game | Credit: SafeEntry Please

Later, other criteria such as showing their SafeEntry Pass on their mobile phones, or their Identity Card is added.

And all this while, the queue continues to grow – because Singaporeans cannot live without the mall.

Unsurprisingly, SafeEntry Please emerged as one of the winners of Hack&Roll 2020.

Credit: screengrab from Hack&Roll 2021

Built in just 18 hours, it uses procedural generation to make every mall visitor unique. Think of it as a large library of facial features which are combined in a randomized fashion, so you will never see the same visitor twice.

You can play SafeEntry Please here if you have a desktop computer or a laptop. Sadly, it is not available to play on mobile platforms at the moment.

Other Hack&Roll Winners

SafeEntry Please is just one entry in Hack&Roll 2020. There are also other wacky and creative entries, such as Trump Browser, an Android app that plays YMCA and a Donald Trump .gif whenever you happen on a website that mentions Donald Trump.

There’s also Shake It Off, an app that detects whenever you are shaking your leg and then shames you into stopping your bad habit by notifying your friends on Telegram whenever it happens.

Wah lao.

What do you think of these student-made apps? Tell us what you think of SafeEntry Please here.