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Save More When You Shop At Punggol Plaza This Festive Season!


The North East side of Singapore is huge, by Singaporean standards.

For example, Chek Jawa, Punggol Water Park and Coney Island are all considered to be part of the North East. For what are locales in supposedly the same region though, the difficulty involved in getting to each place can vary a lot. So it’s not at all surprising if you consider yourself a son of Punggol but are not familiar with Punggol Plaza.

Opened in 2004, the mall is no towering giant or sprawling behemoth. For what it lacks in scale though, it makes up for it by being a charming, small neighbourhood kind of place to shop. A go-to place for people in the know. A place where locals can depend on.

This festive season, we’re recommending for all North East siders to shop at Punggol Plaza. Why waste time traveling to town when everything you need is right here at Punggol Plaza? How would we know that? Because we’ve got the coupons to prove it. Here are just some of the deals available.

Pets’ Street (#B1-27)

Have some dependents of the four-legged, furry variety? Pets’ Street has everything they need – from toys to food and more. For just $19, you’ll also be able to snag a carton of good tuna for your cat(s). We can confirm this is a good deal – we did a quick search online and the same thing is selling from anywhere between $25 – $30.

Precious Hour (#01-21)

If you like looking at watches, you’ve probably seen a few Alexandre Christie pieces around. Striking and elegant, putting on a Alexandre Christie watch is the perfect gift for anybody always striving to look their best. Get a whopping 40% knocked off any Alexandre Christie watch with this coupon!

The Write Connection (#04-08)

Credit: The Write Connection

Singapore is a hotbed for tuition and enrichment centres of all kinds. Set up in 2012, The Write Connection now has 9 outlets across the island, all of them focusing on getting youths to communicate confidently and effectively in English. If you’re looking for a place to send your child to give them a leg’s up for school in 2021, why not sign them up and use this coupon to waive the $53.50 registration fee?

Sarpino’s (#01-02)

We’re sure that all this shopping would make anybody hungry. Sarpino’s is offering what is basically a 1-for-1 offer. Buy 1 pizza and get another one free – as long as it is equal in value or lesser in value. I mean, more pizza is never a bad idea, am I right?

Lens Vision (#02-03)

If you wear spectacles, you’ll know that the cost of everything quickly adds up. So you’ll appreciate that Lens Vision is currently offering free upgrades for anybody who’s bought Pentax Single Vision lenses. What kind of upgrades? Thinner, more comfortable lenses, which is a big plus when your prescription goes into the high hundreds.

Little Kim Shop (#02-12)

Nothing beats the feeling of a good find, for people who love shopping for their clothes in unlikely places. Thrift stores, holes in the wall, pop-up booths… What if Little Kim Shop is your next gold mine for some good looking threads? They’re currently offering 15% off plus another 10% off for the purchase of any item of clothing in their store.

How To Get There

It’s easy to get to Punggol Plaza. The nearest LRT Station is Coral Edge, which is located beside Punggol Field. You can also take a shuttle bus, if you prefer. Do note that there are 2 looping routes. There is an interval of 30 – 35 minutes between each bus.

As you can see, there’s plenty of places to see and shop at in Punggol Plaza. This is only a fraction of the deals available. Want to see more? Follow us on our Facebook page to stay tuned!

*This article is a paid partnership with Punggol Plaza