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Save Our Street Dogs' 2021 Calendar Is Out & You Can Help Rehome These Doggos Too


SOSD, an animal shelter in Sengai Tengah, which focuses on the welfare of Singapore’s stray dogs, is launching their 2021 calendar!

For just $10, you can nab a calendar with photos featuring adorable furry doggos and make a meaningful contribution to SOSD’s coffers. Understandably, they have been hard hit financially as many of their adoption drives and events had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

Every calendar purchased means more funds for SOSD to rescue and rehome dogs and manage Singapore’s stray dog population through sterilization. SOSD also relies on contributions for medical fees. Life as a street dog means many stray dogs have never seen a vet, which means they may have undiagnosed medical issues, which would then have to be addressed. All adult dogs are also sterilized before being put up by SOSD for adoption. As any pet owner can tell you, vet fees can quickly add up to a lot!

According to SOSD, they are working hard to dispel many of the ingrained biases and misconceptions Singaporeans have towards mongrels.

For example, some may perceive mongrels to be lesser dogs than their pedigree counterparts but their varied genetic makeup actually makes them healthier.

Their years of experience with stray dogs have also taught them that they know gratitude and they recognize when they have been rescued and provided a home. Undoubtedly, this knowledge that the dogs know love when they see it is what keeps volunteers coming back for more.

Click here to pre-order SOSD’s 2021 calendar now.