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Step Into The Weird And Wonderful World Of Shopee's CNY Collection

Credit: Shopee Singapore

Although Singaporeans who celebrate Chinese New Year will need to scale it down this year due to safe management measures, there’s no reason to be gloomy.

A smaller gathering means you’ll get to spend more quality time with your grandparents so they can shower you with their affection.

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Compare it to being at a cosy, relatively quiet bar where you can still hold conversations to a rowdy club that’s filled with loud music and louder people where you’ll have to communicate by gestures.

Plus, Shopee is here for all your Chinese New Year related needs.

Affordable New Clothes

Let it not be said that Shopee is only for those who can afford to frivolously spend their hard-earned money away. If 2020 hit your wallet hard, you can find stylish prosperity-themed shirts at a good price.

Huat Huat Huat T-Shirt

Credit: Shopee Singapore

Price: $8.90

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Hong Bao Collector T-shirt

Credit: Shopee Singapore

Price: $8.90

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Stylish threads are not just limited to humans! If you’re hosting or bringing your furkids to visit Grandma and Grandpa, this will be perfect.

Credit: @kittensfolder

Price: $17 – $22

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Toys For Well-Behaved Tots

Visiting your siblings who are now toting kids of their own? Or perhaps you’re thinking of what gifts you can get for your bestie’s kids?

How about these LEGO figurines who are also busy celebrating Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year LEGO Figurines

Credit: Shopee Singapore

Price: $1.99

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Or this Hello Kitty plushie which features her cosplay as an Ox, which you fortunately won’t have to spend hours queuing for?

Hello Kitty Chinese New Year edition

Credit: Shopee Singapore

Price: $63.90

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New Year Bites

Not sure what gifts to bring and determined not to take the easy way out by just bringing mandarin oranges? You can find a wide range of Chinese New Year themed treats available on Shopee, including the ones you won’t find so easily.

Kopi Siew Dai Butter Cookies

Credit: Madam Ling Bakery

How about Kopi Siew Dai flavoured butter cookies? Small enough so you can have three for tea-time but pretty enough so that you can use them as gifts!

Price: $16.80 (U.P. $18.80)

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Or perhaps you’d rather have pineapple tarts, infused with some durian straight from Four Seasons Durians itself?

Four Seasons Pineapple With Durian Tarts

Credit: Four Seasons Singapore

Price: $15.98 (U.P. $18.80)

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For The One Of A Kind

Everyone has friends who are just kind of… off.

Although they may sometimes come across as socially inappropriate, you know they have everybody’s best interests at heart.

If they also happen to be a fish fanatic, whether they like collecting them in tanks or eating them, you can buy them this heavily discounted fish mask.

Fish Mask

Credit: Shopee Singapore

Price: $3.00 – $10.09 (U.P. $3.00 – $19.80)

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After all, nian nian you yu (年年有余), am I right?

Or if they happen to be male and sexually frustrated, you can make a light-hearted jape by gifting them some magnetic underpants.

Magnetic Men’s Health Underpants

Credit: Shopee Singapore

Price: $2.99 (U.P. $8.00)

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After all, it’s on heavy discount too at 63%, features no less than 135 5-star reviews and also comes in red. Perfect, no?

Credit: Shopee Singapore

Whatever it is that you need this Chinese New Year season, we’re sure you can find it on Shopee.

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