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SIA Cancels Flights To Nowhere, Launches Restaurant A380 And Behind-The-Scenes Tour Instead


Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced today that their plan to offer Flights To Nowhere have been shelved. Instead, they will be offering SIA-themed experiences, such as Restaurant A380, where patrons can dine on board a parked superjumbo A380. There will also be SIA @ Home, for those who miss the SIA experience so much they want to bring it into their homes. Finally, there is Inside Singapore Airlines, for those who want to take a look under the hood, to see how SIA makes the magic happen.

At Restaurant A380, diners will be able to pick and choose what they would like from SIA’s signature international menu. There will also be a special menu featuring Peranakan cuisine designed by Shermay Lee, a sixth-generation Peranakan-Singaporean Chef. SIA will also resurrect their cabin crew uniforms of yore, which in itself is a stunning revelation. I mean, can you imagine seeing SIA crew wearing anything other than the sarong kebaya we’ve all become so used to?

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As an added bonus, customers who come to the restaurant in traditional garb will receive a special gift. Traditional garb, as defined by SIA, includes the cheongsam, saree, batik shirt, sarong kebaya and kilt.

For SIA @ Home, customers will be able to choose meals designed by world-renowned chefs on SIA’s International Culinary Panel to be delivered to their doorstep. Along with the sumptuous meals, customers will also receive limited edition SIA goods like crystal glasses, tableware sets and pajamas. Customers who wish to up the ante can also utilize SIA’s Book-A-Chef service to enjoy the benefits of having a private chef.

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For those who often puzzle at the inner workings of things, SIA is also providing a comprehensive behind-the-scenes experience. SIA will open up their training facilities to the public during the November school holidays, for two weekends only. Though visits will be free-of-charge, reservations are necessary. More experiences will be available for those who are willing to open their wallets. There will be wine workshops about SIA’s wines, grooming workshops on achieving the Singapore Girl look and even Flight Simulator experiences for those who want to know what it’s like to be in the cockpit.

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Kudos to Singapore Airlines who have come out with great ways for everyone to support a well-loved and internationally renowned local brand.

Are you excited about all the activities SIA has lined up? Maybe you have one in mind that you’re really looking forward to? You can click here to take a look at SIA’s microsite for more. Personally, I would attend the grooming workshop just to learn a little about the gravity-defying hairdos of the SIA stewardesses.