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New Beginnings: Businesses That Opened In The Era Of COVID-19

Credit: @jul1anler, @kizzsyafx

It may seem counter-intuitive to open a new business during a plague, but that’s exactly what these Singaporeans did. Some did it out of necessity, as a result of retrenchment. Others simply went ahead with their plans to open in 2020, plague be damned. As vice president for Southeast Asia of footwear giant, Skechers said, “…we see challenges as opportunities.”

Her statement was in response to why Skechers decided to go ahead with opening 5 new stores in 2020, following drastically reduced numbers of shoppers and safe distancing measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus.

Of course, not every Mom and Pop store in Singapore has the resources of Skechers at their disposal. What they had instead was sheer determination.

Which is why we should support them!

Here are 5 Singaporean businesses opened in 2020 you should know about.


Credit: @renztan

Borne out of necessity and quickly becoming a cult favourite, eatmycb has a name you won’t soon forget. Based on a recipe from the family matriarch, their enormous curry bun can easily feed up to 3 people. They are a home-based business, with every member of the family pitching in wherever they can, from web design to slicing potatoes. Each cb (that’s curry bun) comes with whimsical doodle, courtesy of potato peeler, web designer and photographer Lester.

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Modest Minerals

Credit: @modestminerals

When Singaporeans were stuck at home during the circuit breaker, some took up baking. Still others binged endlessly on Korean dramas, absorbing the language through pure osmosis. For Charissa of Modest Minerals, she was busy working on launching her minimalist gemstone jewellery shop. Although she had plans to launch at the end of 2019, a new job and the pandemic soon pushed things forward. She finally launched the brand in 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. We did an interview with her that you can read here.

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Credit: @karenthefoodexplorer

A new café near the Central Business District area of Singapore that has quickly become a favourite for the office crowd. Serving delectable pastry as well as freshly brewed coffee and tea, it’s most best-known for its Tamago Sando, or egg mayo sandwich. What’s special about it? Tucked inside the egg mayonaise are two halves of an ajitama egg, the kind with the runny yolk that comes with only the best ramen.

Address: 10 N Canal Rd, Singapore 048823

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Kedai Kopi Clementi

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A halal kopitiam located in the heartlands of Clementi, it’s the perfect place to have a casual meet-up with friends. From nasi padang, satay, bak chor mee to Western fare, you’ll definitely find something to sink your teeth into. Kedai Kopi Clementi caused a bit of a stir when it opened, due to the gigantic Yakult drink it serves, called the Bandung Grenade.

Credit: @ahmao

That’s 500ml of Yakult, right there in one little package.

Address: 380 Clementi Ave 5, Singapore 120380

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East Coast Commune

Credit: @jaztriesphotography

Say it with me: sourdough waffles.

East Coast Commune is a café that’s located in Marine Coast Enclave, near East Coast Park. If your bae loves breakfast food, bring them down for the All Day Breakfast sets. Whether it’s scrambled eggs, bratwursts or waffles they love, East Coast Commune only serves comfort food guaranteed to satisfy. Don’t forget to try their char mee, which is really linguine with smoked barramundi, cherry tomatoes, black garlic and sesame seeds. Mmm.

Address: 1000 East Coast Parkway, #01-03, Singapore 449876

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