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Singapore Comic Con 2020 Cancelled By COVID-19


Just like that, COVID-19 has shut down another event. Originally supposed to take place from 5 – 6 December at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2020 has now been cancelled. One of Singapore’s biggest conventions, SGCC has run for the past 13 years with little in the way of hiccups.

The SCCC team referred to restrictions on large-scale consumer events and travel restrictions as factors in their decision.

To celebrate SGCC for providing a safe place in Singapore for fans of all stripes, here are some of our favourite costumes from SGCC throughout the years.

This Darth Maul With His Yoda Kid

The baby looks pretty nonplussed in the photo. That combined with the intense expression on Darth Maul’s face makes the photo.

This Mysterio Wearing Fish Bowl With A Dynamic Weather System Inside

How does one even see in that? This is the kind of costume that cries out for video footage. Anyway, Spider-Woman looks pretty rad too.

This Ah Ma With An Awesome Sense Of Humour

According to SGCC’s Facebook page, her name is Auntie Shirley and she’s already into her 70s! Power la, Auntie.

Finally, I noticed a trend when looking at all the cosplayers at Singapore Comic Con. There seems to be a big fast food theme going on with some friendly rivalry. See if you can spot which fast food companies these cosplayers are representing.

OK, I didn’t know that Colonel Sanders carried such big guns. Is open carry legal in Singapore now or something?

Other proponents of getting swole through the fast food diet are some McDonald’s supporters. I love the detail of the Mcdonald’s straw-sword and those socks! I also wish we had a better angle on Hamburgler so we can see what exactly he’s burgling.

Finally, the biggest let-down this year with regards to SGCC being cancelled is that we’re all missing out on Among Us cosplays. Singaporeans can be a creative bunch. I mean, I’m sure we’ll come out with something that’s better than this dude’s interpretation:

What are your thoughts on dressing up for Comic Con? What costume will you put on if you had a limitless budget?