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Singapore Landmarks That Look Just Like Food

Credit: Archello | The Foodie Next Door

Singapore’s a melting pot of cultures, so it’s only right that our cuisine is as diverse. From laksa to nasi lemak to mala and biryani, Singapore’s got it all! Some even say that Singapore has taken our love for eating one step further with how a number of our iconic landmarks resemble some of our favourite foods!


1. The Art Science Museum

One of Singapore’s beloved museums, dozens flock to the Art Science Museum for its multitude of displays, exhibitions and activities. But did you ever notice the museum’s odd shape resembles that of a peeled pomelo?

Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself.

Credit: Archello | The Foodie Next Door

Strange enough, the Art Science Museum’s lead designer Mosh Safdie explained that it was a lotus flower that inspired the museum’s design. There was no mention anywhere of the museum’s uncanny resemblance to that of a pomelo.

I guess you could say it’s just a huge coincidence!


2. The Hive at Nanyang Technological University

Students from the Nanyang Technological University are sure to have caught sight of the magnificent Hive, which has been featured countless times as one of Singapore’s architectural gems.

But some have pointed out that the learning hub resembles a large stack of steamers from a dim sum restaurant, waiting to be used to dish up everyone’s favourite xiao long bao.

Credit: picfair | robertharding

British designer Thomas Hardwick’s concept, the greenery-filled Hive represents Singapore’s commitment to having eco-friendly campuses. But locally known as the ‘dim sum baskets’, the Hive has become an icon for its similarities to everyone’s favourite tea-time treat!



3. Gardens By The Bay – Cloud and Flower Domes

Many will look to the beautiful Cloud and Flower Domes at Gardens By The Bay for somewhere scenic to spend the weekend with family. From the impressive array of blooms in the flower dome for visitors to enjoy to the Cloud Dome’s grand waterfall, the attraction is a must-see for visitors and locals alike!

But did you notice the domes closely resemble two large cockles?

Credit: Singapore Vacation Attractions | OpenRice Singapore

It’s easy to see how the domes’ ridged sloping exterior looks like everyone’s favourite cockle dish. Despite the similarities, it’s safe to say our quintessential cockle dish did not inspire the award-winning domes!




4. The Esplanade 

With its spiky exterior and oval shape, it’s easy to see why the Esplanade is affectionately nicknamed ‘the durian’.

Credit: wikimediacommons |

Despite much speculation over whether the King of Fruits inspired the Esplanade’s design, the structure’s spiky design does not take after the durian. But instead, it got its bumpy exterior from the uniquely designed sunshades lining the roof of the facility, which gives it that durian-esque silhouette we have all come to know!



Food Culture in Singapore

Maybe these are similarities that only food-obsessed Singaporeans can draw. Why not grab a foodie friend this weekend and head out to see these iconic spots yourself!