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Singaporean Enlists Internet To Find Childhood Treasure


Do you remember what you liked to nibble on as a child? For one Singaporean in particular, it was mee jian kueh. A breakfast staple in Singapore, mee jian kueh is a soft pancake with crispy edges with crushed peanuts inside. A sprinkling of sugar is also included, adding to the crunch.

Most mee jian kueh stalls will also stuff their pancakes with any fillings you choose, as long as it’s in stock. Some common fillings are sweet corn, cheese and chocolate.

It was the fond memories of the pancakes that led redditor u/milesonmybones (hereby shortened to Miles) on a quest to locate it once more. They logged onto social media site Reddit, to post whatever they could recall of the stall. The original stall they had visited with their family every Saturday had closed down years ago. All they could remember was the name of the stall, QQ Vegetarian Pancakes and that it was in Sin Ming. And the lovely elderly couple who ran the stall.

Less than a week later, the stall was located. And so, Miles brought their family with them to have mee jian kueh together just like old times.

And the best part? The hawkers recognized Miles!

Miles made a final update on the mee jian kueh stall on the subreddit for Singaporeans, r/singapore, noting the mee jian kueh was just as good as they remembered. In fact, it was so good they bought several more to bring home. The elderly lady who runs the stall together with her husband revealed that they had been approached by food bloggers but declined to be interviewed.

Her reason?

She just wants to be able to make her pancakes at her own pace. The idea of large crowds and long queues did not appeal to her at all, despite the prospect of additional revenue. After all, they open in the mornings and are usually sold out by noon. So, it’s not like they need the extra help or anything.

Curious about the pancakes? If you happen to stay around the Sengkang area, why not go to Anchorvale 303 Foodcourt to give QQ Pancakes a try? If you’re curious about Mile’s mee jian kueh journey, click here to read about it on reddit.