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Singaporean Parents Nag RSAF Into Reducing Frequency Of Flights


What’s scarier than a whole group of fighter jets? The answer is Singaporean parents. In response to what was probably intense needling by highly strung parents all over the island, the Republic of Singapore Air Force will put in place a new schedule for their night flying.

To be fair to them, Singaporean parents are biologically hardwired to be anxious during this time of the year. After all, the GCE N Levels, O Levels, A Levels and the Primary School Leaving Examination are all taking place between September 14th to December 2nd.

Practicing for NDP in July. Credit: Choo Yong Guan

The RSAF’s new schedule will begin a day before the exam season and will stay in place until the exams are no more.

According to a TodayOnline article published on the 1st of September, multiple Members of Parliament have received feedback regarding aircraft noise during exam season.

Credit: tenor

They include Members of Parliament Ms Yeo Wan Ling and Mr Lim Biow Chuan, who help to oversee Pasir Ris-Punggol and Mountbatten respectively.

So to the parents who nagged the MPs until the MPs put a little weight on the Ministry of Defence, I am in awe of your powers. Can I look for you the next time my neighbours decide to practice tapdancing with bricks strapped to their feet? And to the MPs and Mindef, maybe we can learn a little about National Defence from Asian parents.

Do you live with a not insignificant amount of noise pollution? Has it gotten worse since working from home became a thing?

Update (3/9/2020):

A day after this was published, there was an uptick in the number of citizens going online to register their displeasure with the noise generated by the RSAF’s flying exercises.

Some of them are pretty humourous.

Credit: @Timothy_Bon

Credit: @Timothy_Bon

Credit: screenshot from RSAF Facebook page

Credit: screenshot from r/singapore