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Singapore’s Top 5 Instagram Influencers Are Total Animals

Credit: @thefussydog, @shmeowby

Think I’m being too harsh on Singapore’s top influencers? Well, I’m really only being honest. That’s because they are, in fact, literally animals. Some of them are furry, some of them are fluffy but they’re all cherished pets that sometimes also have jobs.

Here’s a look at our Top 5 Singapore Instagram Pet Influencers.


Credit: @thefussydog

Guinness is a Singapore Special, or mutt. She belongs to Eleanor, who runs The Geeky Elephant, an online blog detailing her life in Singapore as somebody who works as a creative. Guinness helps to manage Eleanor’s daily schedule, so she doesn’t lose track of anything in her busy life. Although Guinness was abandoned twice, we’re glad he has finally found a forever home with Eleanor.

Guinness recently did a shout-out for a professional dog walker, Darren Yew, who runs @mydogsadventuressg.

Chick Chick (multiple)

Credit: @sgpolishchicken

Multiple Chick Chicks? That’s right, because Jayce Ho owns 7 Polish chickens, all named Chick Chick. Their wacky adventures are often featured on her Instagram account, @sgpolishchicken. Jayce reveals that her chickens sometimes get jealous when her dog, Kiki, gets too close to her! Jayce’s merry band of Chick Chicks help to promote DEnutrients, which is Singapore’s foremost Diatomaceous Earth brand. Used as a supplement for her own chickens’ diet, it is also an effective tool at combating insect infestations.

Some White Cookie

Credit: @somewhitecookie

Cookie is a Japanese Spitz who loves going on long nature walks with his human and doggo friends. He barely tolerates kayaking, although he will bear it because he loves his human. He was adopted when his human noticed his face on the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Rehoming Board.

Cookie has Hip Dysplasia, which can eventually lead to arthritis. To combat this, his human sometimes enrolls him for a day of swimming, at Wag And Wild SG, Singapore’s largest dog waterpark.

Happy The Travel Dog

Credit: @happy_thetraveldog

Instead of being your regular brand ambassador, Happy is an advocate of traveling to broaden your horizons. The current state of the world makes this difficult. But we’ll always have pictures of Happy being his happy self wherever he is. So far, Happy has been to the United Kingdom, Canada and France. Happy’s most recent trip was to Scandinavia.

Happy must be among Singapore’s worldliest canines.

The World Leaders

Prince Harry poses for sponsors | Credit:

You know how people say that cats are self-satisfied, egotistical little jerks? Well, what if they also held political office? This is presumably the idea behind the name of the account for these 6 cats, which happens to be Although not all of them are named after major political figures, just imagining a veterinary receptionist call out, “Putin! Come here, Putin!” makes us smile.

Luckily for us, none of them have access to the nuclear football. Instead, their job is to help promote brands like Jolly Cat, a cat litter brand as well as Shopee. Phew.

Fan art of the feline world leaders | Credit: @sinfulcutiesclub

Sadly, both the cats named after Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have passed away. However, you will be glad to know that Hillary Clinton and Prince Harry are still alive and kicking.

What are some of your favourite local animals that also happen to have Instagram accounts? Share with us on our Facebook page.