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Sneakerheads Assemble: New Balance's 327 Pop-Up Store Is Here

Credit: New Balance Singapore

If you love sneakers, especially old-school Vans, Reebok and Nike shoes, there’s a good chance you’ll love New Balance’s launch of their retro-inspired 327s. The 1970s saw the release of the first New Balance sneakers with the large, now iconic “N” on the sides. To commemorate their revival in style, New Balance set up a pop-up store that looks exactly like a retro dinner in the United States.

Credit: New Balance Singapore

With sneakers set up in place of cakes and pastry, it can seem a little strange at first. But the bright colours, checkerboard tiles and the jukebox in the corner are all just dressing. The main dish are the products, namely the shoes and the customizable shirts. That is why your eyes are primed to notice them once you enter the store.

New Balance’s 327 sneakers are a combination of all their greatest hits during the 1970s: the 327, 355 and the SuperComp. It’s an amalgamation of their best features plus you get the benefit of buying 1970s style shoes in 2020 – modern technology.

Set into the wall is a DELL monitor which is as arresting as seeing a iPad in the 1970s. You can choose and customize the design of a T-shirt and it’ll be printed right there for you! Psst, doesn’t that sound like a great gift idea for Christmas?

Credit: New Balance Singapore

Besides, it’ll help you to pretend you’re somewhere outside of Singapore, just for a little while, even though we are only in Phase 2.

You can get a pair of cool-looking kicks, or as New Balance calls them, Neo-Retro style shoes for $149 and up.

Credit: @runbobbyc

Feeling the pinch from all the Christmas shopping but still need new shoes? Fear not, New Balance has a huge sale going on now with prices up to 50% off!

The pop-up store is open daily from 11am – 9pm. It’s located on the first floor of Bugis Junction, opposite iORA. Don’t tarry, it’ll only be there until 27th December!

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