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Soju Cocktails That Are Just Perfect For Any Occasion


Soju is a popular Korean alcohol drink sold in a distinguishable green-transparent glass bottle you would have seen in many Korean dramas and variety shows. It is nice to just down a shot of soju, neat, but you’re truly missing out if you don’t try these easy-to-make cocktails with readily available ingredients and mixers to give that extra umph in your drinks you’ll be screaming ‘Daebak!’ (Korean for amazing).

Soju bomb (soju+beer) is kinda passé right now, so to help you to up your game, we have a few soju-inspired creations that can be enjoyed on a hot summer day, a romantic evening or even to impress your guests!


1. Screw Kiss Soju

Great for Ladies Night


Pink is the new black and a classic trendy drink like Screw Kiss Soju, you gotta admit we are right on this one. Sure, pink isn’t just for the ladies, but we anticipate the squeals a dainty pink cocktail can do.

For this fancy pinky cocktail, you would need to get a specific Korean ice cream that you can find at Korean speciality shops around Singapore. The search will be worth it, we promise! All you have to do is to mix a shot of soju along with a sprite cider and plonk the entire ice cream bar right it in. Use the ice cream stick as a stirrer to add more flavour to the drink or simply eat it as a ice cream, no one way to enjoy this drink!


2. Bubble Tank

Great for students partying with style


Bubble Tank sounds like a really boujee term for a drink. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are unfamiliar with this cocktail as you won’t exactly find it in Korean restaurants or bars, but maybe at a house party with college students.

Like the Screw Kiss, this drink also involves a specific ice cream – Tank Boy popsicle, a popular Korean pear-flavoured ice cream. If you are already heading to a get Korean ice creams, don’t forget to add this to you shopping list too! When serving this drink, you can opt to put the entire ice cream bar in the drink (soju+ cider) or chop it into smaller pieces. The flavour from the ice cream gives the soju a good blend of fruity and sweet taste, which makes it more refreshing and enjoyable.


3. Soju Sangria

Great for those who believe in ‘there’s always space for desserts’


A sangria is a fruity alcoholic punch, traditionally made of red wine, spirits and chopped fruits like diced apples or oranges. For this summer drink, we are substituting the red wine for soju to give it that viscous texture. As soju already has a hint of sweetness on the finish, it blends really well with fruits for an extra flavour and therefore, a perfect combination for a customised sangria.

For this Soju Sangria, we recommend that you find fruits that provide a tangy taste like lemon, orange or even grapefruit. You can either mix soju with fruit juice with the diced fruits or get a flavoured soju instead. Don’t forget to refrigerate the sangria for 1-2 hours before serving. Pair this drink with cakes or desserts like macarons and cream puffs.


4. Soju Coffee

Great for caffeine+alcohol lovers


Coffee lovers put your hands up! Won’t you agree that coffee goes well with practically anything – chocolates, cakes, fruits and yes, even soju! However, we won’t recommend this Soju Coffee cocktail as a perk-me-up at the start of your work day, but probably a perfect mixed drink just before you wind down in the evening.

It doesn’t matter if you choose black or milk coffee to go with soju, as long as it is something that you enjoy. Heck, even if you would want to try a Kopi C siew dai with soju, we are here for the crazy concoction – just remember to tag us on Instagram and Facebook! Ideally, we are looking at a 8:2 ratio of coffee to soju to achieve a balanced mixed drink where you can enjoy the alcohol without the caffeine keeping you awake in the middle of the night.


5. Lemon Soju

Great for the sour addicts on a hot sunny day


A cup of refreshing lemon soju is what you have been missing in your life. Like a mimosa, it’s light and basic yet thirst-quenching and energising. If you are a fan of sour foods, then this might be right up your alley. This Lemon Soju consists of soju, sugar syrup, lemon juice, carbonated water and lemon slices. If reading this has made you pucker your lips, we suggest to add more sugar to your liking.


6. Fizzy Strawberry Yogurt Soju

Great for party people in the house


This drink was quite the ‘trendy’ beverage a few months ago where people all over the world were trying different ways to become either a home chef or a home mixologist. Not everyone succeeds in making these mid-career switch (speaking from experience) but one can declare an expert in creating this drink!

We will label this Fizzy Strawberry Yogurt Soju as a cocktail for social group gatherings and parties (not more than 5) because of how well-loved this drink is whether you are an 18 year-old experimenting with cocktails or an 80 year-old who loves a fizzy drink. This sweet and milky soju drink comprises of fresh strawberries mixed with sprite, soju and cultured milk like Yakult or Vitagen. I mean, it’s a viral drink for a reason.


7. Energizer

Great for powering through the midnight mahjong


With a name like ‘Energizer’ you would expect something bold in flavours, strong in taste and definitely ‘gao gao’ in terms of its soju content. Well, you are on the right track, but more like the extra kick you need to get you through those Monday blues. Made up of 3 different types of drinks – soju, energy drinks like Powerade or Gatorade, and Red Bull! Ready to be charged?


8. Soju Mojito

Great for impressing your dates or friends



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It’s not really a cocktail till the name says it is, huh! Well, then this Soju Mojito might just be the drink to impress your friends and online followers. Not only does it sound fancy, the outcome is pretty gorgeous as well! For that, you would have to put in a little more effort as this recipe is a tad more challenging than the others, but hey, no pain no gain.

Grab a pitcher or a large glass and filled it with soju, coconut water, sparkling water and lime wedges into the mix. This Soju Mojito is pretty light with a hint of sour aftertaste. You wouldn’t want to hang with drunk friends after a glass or two, so go slow on the soju and enjoy the company while the night is still young.