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SOS: Chinatown Community Cat Urgently Requires Fosterer


A community cat in Chinatown has taken ill and desperately requires a fosterer. A common fixture at and around the staircase leading up to Pearl’s Hill Terrace, the cat’s name is Tommy. Anyone who works in the building will have seen him snoozing away on the stairs.

His community feeders include a man, who is a web designer who works in the same building as well as a retiree who lives in the area. His admirers and friends are numerous, who bestow upon him treats as well as pets and words of praise.

Lately, however, Tommy’s stomach began to bloat and the more his stomach swelled, the less appetite he seemed to have. Yesterday, a group comprised of concerned people who work in the building and one of his community feeders managed to put him in a cat carrier. He was then sent off to the veterinarian.

Tommy was subsequently diagnosed as having septic peritonitis. The condition causes fluid to accumulate in his stomach cavity, which then presses down on his vital organs, such as his kidneys and liver. The discomfort caused by his peritonitis in turn led to his poor appetite. Tommy was warded and the next day, 80ml of fluid from his stomach was drained.

As his community feeders currently have other obligations, they are not able to care for him at this moment.

His medical fees are currently being funded by well-wishers and admirers. They are now seeking a fosterer well-versed in the way of cats.

Want to help Tommy out? Here’s what you need:

  • A minimum commitment period of 2 months. He will need at least 2 months to get back to his old self
  • You need to know how to pill a cat
  • You must be willing to bring Tommy to the vet every few days, to check on the status of his bloating. Any excess fluid will be drained during this check-up. If accumulated, the extra pressure from the weight of the fluid can result in organ failure.
  • Be ready to be head-butted. Tommy is a very affectionate and sweet-natured cat. He loves napping and purring more than anything!


Think that sounds like you? Or do you know anybody who fulfils the criteria? Leave us a message on our Facebook page so we can help to contact Tommy’s friends.