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Spotted! Watches Best Of Incredible Tales (Part II)

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Did you know that apart from Russell Lee’s True Singapore Ghost Stories (TSGS), a lot of Incredible Tales’ material comes from one Pugalenthii? If you are a fan of scary ghost stories with a local flavour, you might have also come across Pugalenthii’s Nightmare series. There are books with stories that happen exclusively in offices, schools and there’s even one on ghost nurses.

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Thanks to Incredible Tales, we have the incredibly photogenic Utt plus a whole cast and crew to tell us these stories collected from everyday Singaporeans.

The Third Eye

Our first story brings us back to Pulau Tekong, where Third Door took place last week.

This time, it’s the story of a blank-faced recruit telling the story of why and how he became a clerk. He tells us it was no lucky happenstance that led him to such a coveted, cushy position.

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The opening scene with him being the only recruit being ferried to the camp, in a Mercedes Benz no less, firmly establishes him as a Mama’s Boy. The teasing starts immediately.

But the Mama’s Boy quickly becomes the Really Sick Guy, after he accidentally kicks over some roadside offerings. His sergeant witnesses this and tells him to apologise and he does so half-heartedly.

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That night, a quick trip to the toilet reveals that things have changed. The witnessing of several otherworldly apparitions causes him to collapse. There was even one that pretended to use the toilet!

As he’s laying in the infirmary, the sergeant makes a visit and tells him he’s managed to offend “them”. He’ll have to make amends for his disrespect. Really Sick Guy promises that he’ll do anything.

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Later in the episode, Dr. Mel Gill, the voice of science at Incredible Tales, insinuates that being forced to stay in any place will make you do crazy things. He brings up the possibility that all of the ghostly happenings were conjured by a mind desperate to get out of Pulau Tekong.

The Lift

Our next story happens on an unspecified island that is heavily implied to be Jurong Island.

It is 2 in the morning.

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A process technician is working a night shift alone in a petrochemical plant when he is summoned to the control room by his supervisor. Despite the fact that the control room is only a few floors up, he opts to take the lift because he is exhausted.

That turns out to be a bad decision, as the lift happens to be acting strangely that night.

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It brings up the wrong floor thrice and before he can think better of it and get out, the doors shut.

He is trapped.

A sweet smell, like a perfume grows stronger and then transforms into a rotting stench, making him gag.

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Luckily, he does make it to the control room eventually, only to be told that nobody summoned him. The uncle in the control room then gives him an impromptu history lesson, which offers a hint of why the plant can be a strange place to be at night…

Previous Tenant

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This story is by Singapore Paranormal Investigators founder, Kenny Fong and it describes his misadventures in a rented office during the time he ran a web design business. The premise of the story is intriguing, since it takes place in the Central Business District (CBD), a place not usually associated with the paranormal.

He readily admits that he didn’t look into the history of the office before acquiring it. Things quickly start to get weird.

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Mail for the previous tenant, Mark Lawrence, piles up in front of him. People constantly call and expect to speak with the previous tenant. Things come to a head when he decides to take a nap in the bedroom.

Although the voiceover informs us the room is beautifully decorated, it is actually incredibly sparse. Undeterred, Kenny takes a nap on the bare mattress and is rewarded with a bad case of sleep paralysis.

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Later, he finds a mysterious box in the wardrobe, which contains a strange rock which electrocutes him upon touch. A deep sorrow remains after the shock fades.

What happened to Mark Lawrence?

What’s the story behind the rock?

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Who is the mysterious caller who claimed to have spoken to Lawrence just the week before?

Like all good stories, not all of the questions surrounding the story will be answered. If you want answers, you’ll just have to watch the show yourself!

Pan Island Expressway (PIE)

A young man is woken by his friends at 11pm because they want to go night cycling.

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Their journey will take them in and out of a dark tunnel under the expressway. One of the guys is not so keen about this. When he tells his friends, “All the Ah Sohs say the place is haunted!” – their response is to laugh at him.

When one of his tires give way, they leave him behind. When they glance back to check on him, it’s clear he’s no longer alone.

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The figure of an old woman stands before him.

When they go to him, she has one hand on his handlebar, stopping him from leaving.

She starts demanding that the young man dig into the ground beside her. When she looks up, it’s clear she has no eyeballs.

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All three young men make a run for it immediately. The young man before the old lady leaves his bike behind. So extreme was his fear for her that he outpaces his friends who are on bicycles!

Best Of Incredible Tales

Utt in the CBD | Credit: Mediacorp

You can watch Best Of Incredible Tales on Netflix. Each episode hovers around 20 minutes and there are 26 in total.

Don’t have Netflix? You also watch Incredible Tales on MeWatch online, although the video quality is not quite as crisp.

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