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Spotted! Watches Best Of Incredible Tales (Part III)

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In this installment of Spotted! Watches, we’ll take a look at an ill-fated company-sponsored vacation at a chalet, before heading out to the great outdoors for a hike. Last but not least, we’ll visit our neighbours in Malaysia for a story about the kind of family inheritance nobody wants.


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This story is related by an anonymous woman, who comes on the show to share her story. At the time of the event, all of them were employees at an unnamed café. The company has sponsored their vacation at a chalet which is implied to be in Changi.

Things goes south pretty fast, however, with the kind of outcome not typically covered by insurance.

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One of their colleagues, Andy, arrives at the chalet to see the spirit of an Imperial Japanese soldier. That is the beginning of the end, because like some of his still living compatriots, the dead guy has no idea the war is over.

Perhaps this is not terribly surprising, given that Changi was the site of a prisoner of war camp during World War 2. Its beaches were also the site of mass executions.

Credit: TOC

As Andy is possessed by the soldier, he becomes loud and violent. The guys quickly abandon their card game in order to hold him down. As he attempts to strangle his colleagues, a struggle ensues and somebody else gets possessed. More angry yelling in Japanese ensues with even more attempts at strangulation.

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Luckily, nobody can sleep anyway so they take turns holding the possessed team member down.

The most intriguing aspect of the story is the Thai stranger, who suddenly appears in their doorway. He puts his hand to the possessed person’s forehead and chants. Bam! Instant relief. The relief turns out to only be temporary though.

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The damage, however, is permanent. I’ll let you find out what that means by yourself.


If you went to a local school, chances are that you remember this dreaded acronym: NAPFA.

Remember these? | Credit: Carousell

For the uninitiated, NAPFA stands for National Physical Fitness Award. If you think it makes for an awkward acronym, you’re not alone. The most gruelling aspect of NAPFA for most secondary school students is the long-distance run.

Enter John, a dishevelled school teacher who clearly has something weighing on his mind.

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That something is a missing student, who disappeared during last year’s long-distance hike in one of Singapore’s nature parks.

Somehow, despite his mental state being clear to at least one other teacher, John is put in charge of this year’s hike. When they’re there, he pushes the students and his fellow educator so they can get the hike over and done with.

He comes undone when an extra voice makes its presence known during roll call. No prizes for guessing who it is!

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John ventures into the forest, in search of Kenny.

Will he finally find Kenny? What will happen to the other students? You’ll have to watch it yourself to find out…

The Bequest

This is first episode of Season 2 of Incredible Tales we’re covering! Just in case you’re wondering why Utt is sporting a different haircut.

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The Bequest is a story told by Nurul, who comes on the show to tell her story.

The story centers on her sister, Noreen, a kampung girl who’s happily living the city life. Her happiness though, is threatened by her no-good husband’s philandering ways. She notices him getting a little too friendly with another woman in a bar, before she is summoned home via a phone call.

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Noreen and her useless husband go for a long drive.

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By the time they’re at her kampung, it’s daytime.

Nurul greets her and informs her that their aunt, Tok Wan, is dying. She goes into Tok Wan’s room to say her goodbyes.

Soon, it’s time to part ways with the rest of the family.

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Nurul escorts her to her car, where they have a short chat. Here is when the first sign that something is amiss, appears. When Nurul brings up the importance of prayer, Noreen suddenly goes into a trance and crushes her sister’s arm with her grip.

She only snaps out of it when her inferior husband sounds the horn, impatient to get home.

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Once the couple is home, Noreen’s feckless husband complains about her family. Yes, the same family who is about to experience an unimaginable loss.

“At least my family’s not weird.” The good-for-nothing man says.

“No, they’re just trashy,” Noreen retorts immediately.

As Noreen will discover, trashiness runs in the man’s blood. His phone rings while he’s in the shower, no doubt futilely attempting to wash off his incompetence.

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Noreen unsuccessfully resists the urge to check his phone and discovers a flirtatious text message, which strongly hints that he’s been unfaithful.

As her rage builds, he exits the shower and when they fight over words, he sees her twisted reflection in the mirror. It’s a very Cathay-Keris Pontianak look, all peeling skin and gauntness.

Credit: Mediacorp

It’s all downhill from here as something in Noreen continues to lash out at people who offend her. She remotely strangles her lousy husband, for being a cheater. She slashes the throat of a driver who cuts her off in mid-drive when he thinks he’s safe in a barber shop.

At her wit’s end, she consults her sister over the phone and drives herself back to the kampung. As it turns out, Aunt Tok Wan gave her a gift before she passed away.

Aunt Tok Wan | Credit: Mediacorp

That’s the bequest the title of the story is referring to.

What will happen to Noreen? Will the sisters’ relationship endure? You’ll have to watch The Bequest yourself, to find out.

Best Of Incredible Tales

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