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Spreading Kindness By Paying It Forward


Spread the love and make someone’s day by belanja-ing (slang word for treat) them a drink. Singapore Kindness Movement and Starbucks Singapore have collaborated to organise a Pay-It-Forward initiative, encouraging customers to pass on the act of kindness.

From 10 – 13 March, all Starbucks outlets will be giving away two cups of coffee on the house to kickstart this campaign. To keep the ball rolling, customers are encouraged to pay for the next person’s drink, in hopes that this kindness chain will not be broken. Baristas will also be wearing the ‘Overcome as One’ badge to show their solidarity in fighting the COVID-19 virus with kindness.

Pictured above: Starbucks outlet at Chinatown Point

We have heard stories where people in the United States and around the world share their own versions of various Pay-It-Forward campaigns, so it was quite an exciting trip down to the familiar coffee place during our lunch break.

A group of us went down to our nearest outlet to participate in this meaningful initiative and to learn more about it.

“Hi, one Mocha Frappuccino, grande, please.” I ordered my usual go-to drink.

“The lady before you had paid for your drink. Would you like to pay it forward and buy a drink for the next person? It’s $6 per drink. We are collaborating with Singapore Kindness Movement…,” the barista shared.

Of course, I agreed. My friend followed suit.