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Step Up To HCA's Vertical Challenge 2020


Maybe you know somebody who works in healthcare or someone with ailing relatives in long-term care facilities. Maybe you are that somebody. Then you know what it’s like for the patients in hospice care, who are often shuttered from the rest of society. We don’t see much of them on our TVs and nobody likes to talk about their fading loved ones.

But what happens to those who have no one? Surely, as fellow human beings, they deserve the best care available in their twilight years? Nobody should receive less care just because they have no any living relatives or friends left to fund their healthcare. Nobody should be lonely as they wait for the great unknown, just because they outlived their circle of friends and family.

This year, HCA Hospice Care (HCA), which has been providing medical care for terminal patients for free since 1989, is organizing the The Vertical Challenge 2020 to raise $300,000. The funds will go directly to provide care and comfort for their patients and to bankroll 1,000 home visits. Although they have a care facility, they also look after patients at home.

Since HCA’s Vertical Challenge officially kicked off on the 1 October, it has already raised more than $41,000 up to date! To take part, you have to sign up on HCA’s website here. Every participant will have a unique link which they can share with supporters to raise funds. Once a minimum amount is raised, the participants can start the challenge at any time.

As HCA says on their site,

“This is to encourage participants to garner donations and aim to raise $300 (for individuals), $600 (for family and friends) and $3,000 (for teams/corporations). By doing so, participants help to raise funds and awareness of the importance of palliative and hospice care.”

So if you see a rise in the number of folks in your neighbourhood clambering up the stairs, you know why! Or perhaps you will see your coworkers heading to the stairs in your office building instead of the gym downstairs. Of course, you should make sure before you begin that you have a device with a barometric sensor, such as an Apple watch or a FitBit, to log elevation gain.

HCA’s Vertical Challenge will run until 30 November. Finishers get a medal and a t-shirt, which will be sent to them within two weeks of completing their challenge. More importantly, they’ll get the satisfaction in the knowledge that they’ve helped someone to meet their last days with dignity, in the presence of their loved ones, if they are still living.