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Still Baking 30 Years Later: Love Confectionery

Credit: @kalelullaby, @ah_liang_liang

When Love Confectionery was first opened, Singapore was a very different place.

Thirty Years Ago…

The very first McDonald’s restaurant in Singapore, at Liat Towers, had only been open for about a decade. Kids were playing with Power Rangers action figures and blowing elastic bubbles with little pink straws. Text messages, if you could send them at all, were expensive and most likely sent with the help of nigh indestructible Nokia phones.

Credit: Pinterest

While Singapore has changed, Love Confectionery has stayed put. Located at an old HDB estate in Alexandra Village, a stone’s throw away from IKEA, the shop wouldn’t look out of place in 1980s – 1990s Singapore.


Stuck In Time

Their logo, the same one that appears on their signage and cake boxes, is charmingly retro. Instead of plastic trays, their bakes are carefully laid out on aluminum trays, behind glass shelves. The prices too, look like they haven’t been updated since the 90s. A custard bun is only $0.60, which is about a third of what you would pay at Châteraisé. Their classic butter cream cakes are $1.50 a slice, with flavours ranging from almond flakes, peanut powder to chocolate sprinkles.


And as for the taste? Since they often sell out before 2pm, it’s safe to hazard that their bakes are nothing short of amazing. As somebody who helped to finish a whole box of their custard puffs, I can attest that they are incredibly delightful.

Credit: Michael Chia

Not too rich, not too sweet and just the right size too! You can stuff the whole thing in your mouth without worrying about custard cream exploding everywhere when you take a look.

Credit: @ah_liang_liang

The shop owners look to be in their 70s, at least. Since their children have no interest in taking over, it’s likely that Love Confectionery will go when they finally retire.

For now though, their old school cakes, custard puffs and assorted treats are selling fast. They have been at it for three decades now and they look like it. I have no trouble believing that they could easily make everything in their sleep at this point.

Credit: Brandy Koh

122 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150122
Tel: +65 6278 2385
Daily: 12pm – 10pm