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Support Local Artists At The Singapore Art Book Fair 2021

Credit: SGABF, @faraway.olives

Do you enjoy visiting museums and galleries but sometimes find art to be a little… inaccessible? Do you often wonder what the artist is trying to say and are left none the wiser after reading their artist statement?

You might want to consider zines instead!

About Zines

As most zines are self-published and labours of love, they lack that glossy magazine feel that you might be used to. They may instead, appear to be a little rough around the edges but don’t let that distract you. They are some of purest forms of art and storytelling. After all, the makers of zines don’t have to worry about censorship or sponsorship.

A haul of zines from SGABF 2019 | Credit: @aqilahreads

Singapore Art Book Fair (SGABF) 2021, which is happening in 2 locations for first time this year, is going to be teeming with creators and zines. Here’s a sample of what you can expect.


Credit: James Tan

ampulets had been around since 2006. In 2018, they designed All That Remains with the support of the Lien Foundation. All That Remains is a comic about dementia drawn by James Tan, which features accounts by several Singaporeans on what it’s like to care for somebody with dementia. The result is a heartwarming account of everyday Singaporeans who had to find creative ways to communicate with their loved ones, who now have to navigate an increasingly confusing world.


Credit: KNUCKLES & NOTCH, Asian Film Archive

A risograph publishing and print studio, KNUCKLES & NOTCH recently collaborated with the Asian Film Archive to produce this beautiful poster for their Wong Kar Wai Retrospective.

If you visit their booth during SGABF, you can expect one-off risograph prints like these, including a calendar and a certain print about cockles and gratitude.


The most popular print of them all, however, featuring Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat’s East Coast Plan, is sadly sold out.

Queer ZineFest SG

Queer ZineFest is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ creators and happens to be Singapore’s first LGBTQ+ ZineFest! A rotating cast of artists, creators and writers are featured every time Queer ZineFest happens. This year, support local queer creators like Annie Hung, who makes dangerously trippy art and @faraway.olives, a creative duo focused on transformative justice.

Credit: Annie Hung
Credit: @faraway.olives

How To Visit Safely

SGABF 2021 is happening at the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore and the 72-13, home of The Curators Academy and T:>Works. As the event is fully booked, walk-in slots are not guaranteed! For more on this, see SGABF’s page here.

Address 1

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore
Block 43 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks Singapore 109443

For more information on this location and the booths there, see here.

Address 2

72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 239007

For more information on this location and the booths there, see here.