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Support Local By Eating @EatMyCB’s Home-Baked Curry Buns!


Singaporeans love curry. Whether it’s rendang curry, dhal curry, Chinese chicken curry, all curries are great in a Singaporean’s eyes. So it’s not surprising that curry is featured along with many of our national comfort foods. When I was a kid, my Dad would buy jiam tao loti or baguette from Giant and the family would finish the entire loaf with a pot of curry. You’ve probably had bread dipped in curry yourself.

So when Mum’s curry buns became the talk of the neighbourhood and orders started pouring in, the Lee family decided to start a home-based business. As a family of freelancers, they had been particularly hard-hit by the pandemic. The start of the Circuit Breaker period signaled lean times ahead. Selling curry buns became a lifeline.

The next thing they needed was a name.

Although they initially rejected the name, they eventually settled on Eat My CB because they were unable to get it out of their heads. It was suggestion from a family friend, who was barely able to keep it together when saying it.

Based on the matriarch of the family’s personal recipe, the curry bun from the folks of Eat My CB is huge. According to them, it feeds up to 3 people. In other words, it’s the perfect food for an average-sized family to share while working-from-home.

As demand continued to rise, each member of the family took on specialised roles to help keep the business running smoothly. There were logistics of delivering curry buns to deal with. There’s the company’s online presence, extremely vital since they do not have a physical storefront. And of course, the food. Each bun takes two and half hours to make. Each member of the kitchen team, which for now consists of the matriarch, Annie and daughter-in-law, Charmaine, spends more than 12 hours in the kitchen every day.

The texture of the bread must be just right – crusty and flaky. The chunks of chicken and potatoes as well must be just the right kind of bite-sized.

Though Eat My CB is a rising star in Singapore’s ever evolving foodie landscape, the Lee family are uncertain about the future. Will the company exist beyond the pandemic? Right now, they don’t know. All they know is they’d love to continue serving you their family’s CB.

Although they sometimes face awkward questions when delivering their food.

Condo Security: Eh, which company you from?

Delivery Lady: Eat My CB.

What’s your view on curry? Do you like it spicy or mild? Just in case, I thought I’d better let you know that Eat My CB does not offer any options with regards to spice level. As the matriarch of the family says, Eat My CB is not Mala Hotpot.

You can order the curry buns by direct messaging @eatmycb on Instagram. You can visit their website here to learn more about the Lee family and their famous curry buns!