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Take These Easy Precautions To Prevent Mask Acne

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Maskne, also known as mask acne, is a small side-effect of being socially responsible when wearing face masks. Masks are currently mandatory in Singapore because of the Covid-19 social distancing measures put in place, with no end in sight. However, that also means we should take precautions to prevent maskne.

Singaporeans have been wearing masks since April 2020. While it has become a daily norm, some of us may start to realize acne forming. Puberty flashbacks aside, having acne under the mask can get a little uncomfortable. The steps to prevent acne we found are actually pretty easy and could be effective if done right.

Mask Hygiene

The most basic and important step is mask hygiene. Cleaning your mask regularly is a must! The amount of oil, sweat, and even nasal mucus sitting on your face might be a contributing factor that causes acne.

Remember to wash your mask with gentle soap after each use. It is important to make sure you use gentle, non-irritating soap as heavily scented washing detergent and softeners might cause skin irritation. Keeping them somewhere clean after drying is a good additional step to take. This ensures your masks are always clean when you need to use them.

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Consider using Seventh Generation Free & Clear detergent to wash your face masks. It is a plant-based hypoallergenic detergent that is made for sensitive skin.

Choosing the mask

A lot of people might not know this, but the material of the mask could be the root of all your maskne problems. According to Hopkins Medicine, some commercially made face masks are pre-treated with formaldehyde to disinfect them. Your skin might find this chemical a bit harsh which leads to an allergic reaction causing acne to form.

Instead, opt for a face mask made from cotton or polyester blends that will be gentler on your skin. It will cause less irritation on your face. The best part is these masks are reusable so your skin and the environment will thank you for it.


Support local custom face masks from creators like Anwar Rafiee. It is 100% polyester with two layers of cloth and a filter pocket for you to insert your own filter. His designs are great for everyday use.

Just remember to get the right fit for the mask to avoid any chafing or extra friction between your skin and the mask. Uniqlo AIRism Face Masks comes in 3 sizes that you can choose from. It is great for those who want to get a breathable mask with the right fit.

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Maskne Skin Care Routine

Adopting a regular skincare routine is essential to stay away from acne if you don’t already have one. All you need is a gentle facial cleanser and a moisturizer. Mayoclinic recommends using noncomedogenic or non-pore clogging products as well as a water-soluble moisturizer so that it will not get in the way of the mask’s function.

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Try out Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser as your facial cleanser. It is gentle on sensitive skin and is also moisturizing. Psst.. Use Foodpanda’s Shop Orders discount code to get $4 off from selected stores like Guardian. It is only valid till 30 November 2020. You can find the codes here.

Remember to moisturize your face before and after wearing the mask! An additional step you can adopt is using a barrier ointment on the areas that the mask rests on your face. This can protect and soothe your skin if it gets chapped from wearing the mask for long hours.

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Try out Botanic Heal Derma Ceramide Gel Cream for your moisturizer. However, do remember to do a patch to test for any skin allergies or reactions to the product.

If you do get acne, make sure you do not pop them. Popping pimples can cause inflammation and after being trapped under the damp and sweaty mask all day, it could possibly lead to an infection. Instead, treat the acne immediately using a pimple patch.

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Consider using Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch to protect and heal your pimple while wearing your mask.

Always remember to seek professional help if your skin starts to crack and bleed or is having a severe reaction to any masks or products. The steps may seem simple but can be quite effective. While we wait for the restrictions to be lifted, we should take precautions to prevent maskne.